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Breakthrough Pain

Breakthrough pain is pain that comes on suddenly for short periods of time and is not alleviated by the patients' normal pain suppression management. It is common in cancer patients who commonly have a background level of pain controlled by medications, but the pain periodically "breaks through" the medication. The characteristics of breakthrough cancer pain vary from person to person, including the duration and possible causes.


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Sample User Comments for "breakthrough pain" drugs

Comment on migraine while taking tapentadol hydrochloride (View full report on tapentadol hydrochloride related migraine)
... 50 mg 1-2 tabs every 6 hours. Started approximately two months ago. The first 4-5 weeks were great. No more pain but now suddenly, major side effects have kicked in. Migraine type headaches, rapid...
Did the author experience migraine while taking tapentadol hydrochloride?
Side Effects: some nausea, dry heaves twice. Irritable, constipated - metamucil helps.

Taking 3-4 5mg in 24 hours, sleeping well, a few weeks to go. Hope I'm not addicted, since there is ...
Did the author experience retching while taking acetaminophen; hydrocodone bitartrate?
Comment on anxiety while taking oxycodone hydrochloride (View full report on oxycodone hydrochloride related anxiety)
Side Effects: Helped relieve the pain immediately which was initially great, but had two different generic versions, endocet then oxycodone by watson. Watson's version really caused serious rebound ...
Did the author experience anxiety while taking oxycodone hydrochloride?
Comment on abdominal distension while taking oxycodone hydrochloride (View full report on oxycodone hydrochloride related abdominal distension)
... and resins and BHT (banned in several Countries).

New formula is not absorbed and will go right through you and most likely cause nausea, constipation and severe bloating . It is toxic as hel...
Did the author experience abdominal distension while taking oxycodone hydrochloride?
Comment on pain in jaw while taking hydrocodone bitartrate; ibuprofen (View full report on hydrocodone bitartrate; ibuprofen related pain in jaw)
I was given Vicoprofen for an infected tooth causing severe jaw pain and it had no impact on reducing pain at prescribed dose of one tab every 4 hours. I needed to supplement 400 mg of Ibuprofen with ...
Did the author experience pain in jaw while taking hydrocodone bitartrate; ibuprofen?
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