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aarskog syndrome
abdomen bruit systolic right upper quadrant
abdomen crushing
abdomen distended
abdomen scan
abdomen scan normal
abdomen, acute
abdominal abscess
abdominal adhesions
abdominal aortic bruit
abdominal bloating
abdominal bruit
abdominal cavity drainage
abdominal colic
abdominal compartment syndrome
abdominal cramps
abdominal discomfort
abdominal distension
abdominal distress
abdominal exploration
abdominal hernia
abdominal hernia gangrenous
abdominal hernia obstructive
abdominal hernia repair
abdominal hysterectomy
abdominal infection
abdominal injuries
abdominal injury
abdominal mass
abdominal neoplasm
abdominal neoplasms
abdominal operation
abdominal or pelvic swelling, mass, or lump, other specified site; multiple sites
abdominal or pelvic swelling, mass, or lump, right upper quadrant
abdominal pain
abdominal pain - cause unknown
abdominal pain lower
abdominal pain upper
abdominal panniculectomy
abdominal rebound tenderness
abdominal rigidity
abdominal sepsis
abdominal sinus repair
abdominal strangulated hernia
abdominal symptom
abdominal tenderness
abdominal tenderness, epigastric
abdominal tenderness, left upper quadrant
abdominal tenderness, rebound
abdominal transposition
abdominal wall abscess
abdominal wall anomaly
abdominal wall cyst
abdominal wall disorder
abdominal wall haematoma
abdominal wall haemorrhage
abdominal wall infection
abdominal wall mass
abdominal wall neoplasm
abdominal wall operation
abdominal wind pain
abdominal wound dehiscence
abdominal x-ray
abdominoplasty (procedure)
abducens nerve diseases
abnormal behavior
abnormal behaviour
abnormal bone formation
abnormal breast sensation
abnormal breathing
abnormal bruising
abnormal chest sounds
abnormal circadian rhythm
abnormal clotting factor
abnormal complexion
abnormal coordination
abnormal dreams
abnormal faeces
abnormal feces
abnormal food appetite
abnormal granulation tissue
abnormal hair texture
abnormal heart beat
abnormal hemoglobin finding
abnormal histology findings
abnormal labour
abnormal labour affecting foetus
abnormal loss of weight
abnormal megakaryocyte
abnormal monocytes
abnormal mucous
abnormal palmar/plantar creases
abnormal posture
abnormal product of conception
abnormal saccadic eye movement
abnormal sensation
abnormal sensation in eye
abnormal sensations in eye
abnormal sleep-related event
abnormal urine
abnormal weight gain
abnormal weight loss (& [symptom])
abnormal withdrawal bleeding
abo haemolytic disease of newborn
abo incompatibility
aborted pregnancy
abortion complete
abortion complicated
abortion early
abortion incomplete
abortion induced
abortion induced complete
abortion induced complete complicated
abortion induced complicated
abortion induced incomplete
abortion infected
abortion late
abortion missed
abortion of ectopic pregnancy
abortion spontaneous
abortion spontaneous complete
abortion spontaneous complicated
abortion spontaneous incomplete
abortion threatened
abortion, habitual
abortion, selective
abruptio placentae
abscess bacterial
abscess drainage
abscess fungal
abscess intestinal
abscess jaw
abscess limb
abscess management
abscess neck
abscess of abdominal wall
abscess of appendix (disorder)
abscess of bartholin's gland
abscess of breast
abscess of external auditory canal
abscess of external auditory meatus
abscess of eyelid
abscess of fallopian tube
abscess of gallbladder
abscess of mastoid
abscess of mediastinum
abscess of nose
abscess of ovary
abscess of pancreas
abscess of penis
abscess of perineum
abscess of peritoneum
abscess of prostate
abscess of salivary gland
abscess of salivary gland nos
abscess of testis
abscess of thyroid
abscess of vulva
abscess oral
abscess rupture
abscess soft tissue
abscess sterile
abscess sweat gland
absence attacks
absence epilepsy
absence of drug reaction
absence of pain sensation
absence of sensation
absence of vibratory sense
absent anterior chamber of eye
abstains from alcohol
abuse of laxatives
acanthamoeba infection
acanthamoeba keratitis
acanthosis nigricans
accelerated hypertension
accelerated idioventricular rhythm
accessory auricle
accessory auricle of ear
accessory breast
accessory cardiac pathway
accessory kidney
accessory liver lobe
accessory navicular syndrome
accessory nerve diseases
accessory nerve disorder
accessory nipple
accessory salivary gland
accessory spleen
accident at home
accident at work
accident while engaged in household activity
accident while engaged in work-related activity
accidental death
accidental drug intake by child
accidental exposure
accidental overdose
accidental poisoning
accidental poisoning nos
accommodation disorder
accommodation disorder nos
accommodation phosphene
acetabulum fracture
acetonaemic vomiting
ache or pain
aching headache
achromia of skin
achromotrichia acquired
acid base balance
acid base balance abnormal
acid fast bacilli infection
acid hemolysin test
acid-base balance disorder mixed
acid-base equilibrium
acidosis hyperchloraemic
acidosis, lactic
acidosis, respiratory
acinetobacter bacteraemia
acinetobacter infection
acinetobacter infections
acinetobacter test positive
acne conglobata
acne cystic
acne fulminans
acne infantile
acne pustular
acne vulgaris
acoustic neuritis
acoustic neuroma
acoustic stimulation tests abnormal
acquired arteriovenous aneurysm
acquired atrophy of the ovary unspecified
acquired bronchial cyst
acquired cardiac septal defect
acquired claw foot
acquired claw toe
acquired corneal dystrophy
acquired deformity of finger
acquired diaphragmatic eventration
acquired digital fibrokeratoma
acquired dysfibrinogenaemia
acquired epidermolysis bullosa
acquired epileptic aphasia
acquired foramen magnum stenosis
acquired gene mutation
acquired genu varum
acquired haemophilia
acquired haemophilia with anti fviii, xi, or xiii
acquired hydrocele
acquired hyperostosis syndrome
acquired hypothyroidism nos
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
acquired macrocephaly
acquired macroglossia
acquired megacolon
acquired methemoglobinemia
acquired mitochondrial dna mutation
acquired night blindness
acquired obstruction of pylorus
acquired oesophageal web
acquired partial lipodystrophy
acquired phimosis
acquired pigmented retinopathy
acquired porencephaly
acquired porphyria
acquired protein s deficiency
acquired tracheo-esophageal fistula
acquired tracheo-oesophageal fistula
acquired von willebrand's disease
acral lentiginous melanoma stage unspecified
acrochordon excision
acrodermatitis enteropathica
acrokeratosis paraneoplastica
acrokeratosis verruciformis
acth stimulation test abnormal
acth syndrome, ectopic
acth-producing pituitary tumour
actinic elastosis
actinic keratosis
actinomyces test positive
actinomycotic pulmonary infection
actinomycotic skin infection
action tremor
activated partial thromboplastin time
activated partial thromboplastin time abnormal
activated partial thromboplastin time measurement
activated partial thromboplastin time normal
activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged
activated partial thromboplastin time shortened
activated protein c resistance
activated protein c resistance test positive
activation syndrome
activities of daily living impaired
acupuncture therapy discipline
acute abdomen
acute abdominal pain
acute back pain
acute back pain &/or sciatica
acute biphenotypic leukaemia
acute biphenotypic leukemia
acute bronchitis
acute chest pain
acute chest syndrome
acute constipation
acute coronary syndrome
acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
acute endocarditis
acute endocarditis nos
acute erythroblastic leukemia
acute fatty liver of pregnancy
acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis
acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis
acute glomerulonephritis nos
acute graft versus host disease
acute graft versus host disease in intestine
acute graft versus host disease in liver
acute graft versus host disease in skin
acute gvh disease
acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis
acute haemorrhagic leukoencephalitis
acute haemorrhagic oedema of infancy
acute hepatic failure
acute hiv infection
acute interstitial pneumonia
acute interstitial pneumonitis
acute left ventricular failure
acute leukaemia
acute leukemia
acute lung injury
acute lymphocytic leukaemia
acute lymphocytic leukaemia recurrent
acute lymphocytic leukemia
acute megakaryocytic leukaemia
acute miliary tuberculosis
acute monocytic leukaemia
acute monocytic leukemia
acute myeloid leukaemia
acute myeloid leukaemia (in remission)
acute myeloid leukaemia recurrent
acute myelomonocytic leukaemia
acute myelomonocytic leukemia
acute myocardial infarction
acute onset of confusion
acute onset pain
acute pancreatitis unspecified
acute phase reaction
acute phosphate nephropathy
acute polyneuropathy
acute post asthmatic amyotrophy
acute prerenal failure
acute promyelocytic leukaemia
acute promyelocytic leukaemia differentiation syndrome
acute promyelocytic leukemia
acute psychosis
acute pulmonary edema unspecified
acute pulmonary histoplasmosis
acute pulmonary oedema
acute purulent pericarditis unspecified
acute pyelonephritis
acute radiation syndrome
acute respiratory distress syndrome
acute respiratory failure
acute right ventricular failure
acute sinusitis
acute sinusitis nos
acute stress disorder
acute subglottic laryngitis
acute tonsillitis
acute tonsillitis nos
acute vestibular syndrome
acute-phase reaction
adams-stokes syndrome
addison disease
addison's disease
adductor vocal cord weakness
adenocarcinoma of lung (disorder)
adenocarcinoma of lung, stage ii
adenocarcinoma of lung, stage iii
adenocarcinoma of the cervix
adenocarcinoma pancreas
adenoid cystic carcinoma
adenoidal disorder
adenoidal hypertrophy
adenoma benign
adenoma of rectum
adenomatoid tumor
adenomatous polyp of colon
adenomatous polyposis coli
adenopathy syphilitic
adenosine deaminase deficiency
adenosquamous carcinoma of the cervix
adenosquamous cell carcinoma
adenosquamous cell lung cancer
adenosquamous cell lung cancer stage ii
adenosquamous cell lung cancer stage iii
adenosquamous cell lung cancer stage iv
adenoviral conjunctivitis
adenoviral haemorrhagic cystitis
adenoviral hepatitis
adenoviral upper respiratory infection
adenovirus infection
adenovirus infections
adenovirus test positive
adherent leukoma
adhesion of pleura
adipose tissue atrophy
adiposis dolorosa
adjustment disorder
adjustment disorder with anxiety
adjustment disorder with anxious mood
adjustment disorder with depressed mood
adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood
adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotion and conduct
adjustment disorders
administration of enema
administration related reaction
administration site abscess
administration site infection
administration site pain
administration site reaction
adnexa uteri cyst
adnexa uteri mass
adnexa uteri pain
adrenal adenoma
adrenal atrophy
adrenal carcinoma
adrenal cortex atrophy
adrenal cortex dysplasia
adrenal cortex necrosis
adrenal cortical adenoma
adrenal cyst
adrenal disorder
adrenal gland cancer metastatic
adrenal gland diseases
adrenal gland hyperfunction
adrenal gland hypofunction
adrenal gland injury
adrenal gland neoplasms
adrenal gland operation
adrenal gland tuberculosis
adrenal glomerular zone abnormal
adrenal haematoma
adrenal haemorrhage
adrenal hemorrhage
adrenal insufficiency
adrenal insufficiency neonatal
adrenal mass
adrenal neoplasm
adrenal suppression
adrenergic syndrome
adrenocortical carcinoma
adrenocortical insufficiency acute
adrenocortical insufficiency neonatal
adrenocortical steroid therapy
adrenogenital syndrome
adult t-cell lymphoma/leukaemia
adult t-cell lymphoma/leukaemia recurrent
adult t-cell lymphoma/leukaemia stage iv
adult t-cell lymphoma/leukemia
adverse drug reaction
adverse event
adverse event following immunisation
adverse reaction
adverse reaction to drug
adverse reactions
aeromona infection
aeromonas test positive
affect lability
affective disorder
affective symptoms
afferent loop syndrome
african trypanosomiasis
after pains
afterbirth pain
age-related macular degeneration
aggravated condition
aggressive behavior
agitated depression
agitation neonatal
agitation postoperative
agonal death struggle
agonal rhythm
aicardi's syndrome
aid - artificial insemination by donor
aids cholangiopathy
aids dementia complex
aids encephalopathy
aids related complex
aids related complication
aids retinopathy
aids with kaposi's sarcoma
air embolism
air trapping
air-borne transmission
airway burns
airway complication of anaesthesia
airway constriction
airway peak pressure increased
alanine aminotransferase
alanine aminotransferase abnormal
alanine aminotransferase decreased
alanine aminotransferase increase
alanine aminotransferase increased
alanine aminotransferase normal
alanine transaminase
albers-schonberg disease
albright's disease
albumin csf abnormal
albumin csf increased
albumin globulin ratio
albumin globulin ratio abnormal
albumin globulin ratio decreased
albumin globulin ratio increased
albumin urine
albumin urine absent
albumin urine present
alcaligenes infection
alcohol abuse
alcohol consumption
alcohol detoxification
alcohol induced persisting dementia
alcohol interaction
alcohol intolerance
alcohol poisoning
alcohol problem
alcohol rehabilitation
alcohol use
alcohol withdrawal delirium
alcohol withdrawal seizures
alcohol withdrawal syndrome
alcoholic hangover
alcoholic intoxication, chronic
alcoholic liver disease
alcoholic liver diseases
alcoholic pancreatitis
alcoholic psychosis
alcoholic seizure
alcoholisation procedure
aldolase abnormal
aldolase decreased
aldolase increased
aldosterone urine decreased
aldosterone urine increased
aleukaemic leukaemia
aleukemic leukemia
alice in wonderland syndrome
alkaline phosphatase leukocyte increased
alkalosis hypochloraemic
alkalosis hypokalaemic
alkalosis, respiratory
allergic bronchitis
allergic colitis
allergic cough
allergic cystitis
allergic encephalitis
allergic granulomatous angiitis
allergic keratitis
allergic myocarditis
allergic oedema
allergic otitis media
allergic otitis media nos
allergic pharyngitis
allergic respiratory disease
allergic respiratory symptom
allergic rhinitis (disorder)
allergic sinusitis
allergic transfusion reaction
allergy test
allergy test negative
allergy test positive
allergy to animal
allergy to arthropod bite
allergy to arthropod sting
allergy to chemicals
allergy to fermented products
allergy to metals
allergy to plants
allergy to vaccine
allergy to venom
allogenic bone marrow transplantation therapy
alopecia areata
alopecia effluvium
alopecia scarring
alopecia totalis
alopecia universalis
alpers syndrome (disorder)
alpers' disease
alpha 1 foetoprotein
alpha 1 foetoprotein abnormal
alpha 1 foetoprotein amniotic fluid abnormal
alpha 1 foetoprotein amniotic fluid decreased
alpha 1 foetoprotein amniotic fluid increased
alpha 1 foetoprotein decreased
alpha 1 foetoprotein increased
alpha 1 globulin abnormal
alpha 1 globulin decreased
alpha 1 globulin increased
alpha 1 microglobulin increased
alpha 2 globulin abnormal
alpha 2 globulin decreased
alpha 2 globulin increased
alpha globulin increased
alpha haemolytic streptococcal infection
alpha hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase increased
alpha tumour necrosis factor decreased
alpha tumour necrosis factor increased
alpha-1 acid glycoprotein abnormal
alpha-1 acid glycoprotein increased
alpha-1 anti-trypsin decreased
alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency
alpha-1 anti-trypsin increased
alpha-2 macroglobulin increased
alport's syndrome
altered bowel function
altered sensation of skin
altered state of consciousness
altered taste
altered visual depth perception
alternaria infection
alveolar aeration excessive
alveolar osteitis
alveolar periostitis
alveolar proteinosis
alveolar soft part sarcoma
alveolar soft part sarcoma metastatic
alveolitis allergic
alveolitis fibrosing
alveolitis necrotising
alzheimer's disease
amalgam tattoo
amaurosis fugax
amaurotic familial idiocy
amblyopia alcohol
amblyopia strabismic
amebic colitis
american trypanosomiasis
amino acid level abnormal
amino acid level decreased
amino acid level increased
amino acid metabolism disorder
amino acid metabolism, inborn errors
ammonia abnormal
ammonia decreased
ammonia increased
amnesia, anterograde
amnestic disorder
amniocentesis abnormal
amniotic band syndrome
amniotic cavity disorder
amniotic cavity infection
amniotic fluid index abnormal
amniotic fluid volume
amniotic fluid volume decreased
amniotic fluid volume increased
amniotic infection syndrome of blane
amniotic membrane graft
amoebic colitis
amoebic dysentery
amphetamine in urine result
amphetamines negative
amphetamines positive
ampulla of vater stenosis
amputation of finger, except thumb (procedure)
amputation of penis
amputation of penis nos
amputation of toe (procedure)
amputation revision
amputation stump pain
amputation stump procedure
amputation, traumatic
amylase abnormal
amylase decreased
amylase increased
amylase measurement, urine
amylase normal
amyloid nephropathy
amyloid neuropathies, familial
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
anaemia folate deficiency
anaemia haemolytic autoimmune
anaemia heinz body
anaemia macrocytic
anaemia megaloblastic
anaemia neonatal
anaemia of chronic disease
anaemia of malignant disease
anaemia of pregnancy
anaemia postoperative
anaemia vitamin b12 deficiency
anaemic hypoxia
anaesthesia procedure
anaesthetic complication
anaesthetic complication cardiac
anaesthetic complication foetal
anaesthetic complication neonatal
anaesthetic complication neurological
anaesthetic complication pulmonary
anaesthetic complication vascular
anal abscess
anal atresia
anal cancer
anal cancer metastatic
anal cancer recurrent
anal cancer stage 0
anal cancer stage ii
anal cancer stage iii
anal cancer stage iv
anal candidiasis
anal carcinoma
anal chlamydia infection
anal dilatation
anal dilation procedure
anal erosion
anal fissure
anal fissure excision
anal fistula
anal fistula excision
anal fistula infection
anal fungal infection
anal haemorrhage
anal infection
anal inflammation
anal injury
anal neoplasm
anal pain
anal pap smear
anal pap smear abnormal
anal polyp
anal prolapse
anal pruritus
anal reflex
anal skin tag excision
anal skin tags
anal spasm
anal spasm nos
anal sphincter atony
anal sphincter hypertonia
anal sphincterotomy
anal stenosis
anal tinea
anal ulcer
anal ulcer haemorrhage
analgesic asthma syndrome
analgesic drug level
analgesic drug level above therapeutic
analgesic drug level below therapeutic
analgesic drug level decreased
analgesic drug level increased
analgesic intervention supportive therapy
analgesic therapy
anaphylactic reaction
anaphylactic shock
anaphylactic transfusion reaction
anaphylactoid reaction
anaphylactoid shock
anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy
anaphylaxis treatment
anaplastic astrocytoma
anaplastic large cell lymphoma t- and null-cell types
anaplastic large cell lymphoma t- and null-cell types recurrent
anaplastic large cell lymphoma t- and null-cell types refractory
anaplastic large cell lymphoma t- and null-cell types stage i
anaplastic large cell lymphoma t- and null-cell types stage ii
anaplastic large cell lymphoma t- and null-cell types stage iii
anaplastic oligodendroglioma
anaplastic thyroid carcinoma
anastomosis of bile ducts
anastomosis of esophagus to small bowel
anastomosis of intestine
anastomotic complication
anastomotic fistula
anastomotic haemorrhage
anastomotic leak
anastomotic stenosis
anastomotic ulcer
anastomotic ulcer haemorrhage
anastomotic ulcer perforation
androgen deficiency
androgen insensitivity syndrome
androgenetic alopecia
androgens abnormal
androgens decreased
androgens increased
anemia of chronic disease
anemia of pregnancy
anemia, hemolytic
anemia, hemolytic, congenital
anemia, macrocytic
anemia, megaloblastic
anemia, neonatal
anemia, pernicious
anemia, sickle cell
anesthesia procedures
aneurysm arteriovenous
aneurysm of femoral artery
aneurysm of hepatic artery
aneurysm of splenic artery
aneurysm of subclavian artery
aneurysm repair
aneurysm ruptured
aneurysm, infected
aneurysm, mycotic
aneurysmal bone cyst
aneurysmectomy of heart
angelman syndrome
angelman's syndrome
angina bullosa haemorrhagica
angina pectoris
angina pectoris, variant
angina unstable
angiocentric lymphoma
angioedemas, hereditary
angiogram abnormal
angiogram cerebral
angiogram cerebral abnormal
angiogram peripheral abnormal
angiogram pulmonary
angiogram pulmonary abnormal
angiogram retina
angiogram retina abnormal
angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy
angioimmunoblastic t-cell lymphoma
angioimmunoblastic t-cell lymphoma recurrent
angiolymphoid hyperplasia
angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia
angiomatosis, bacillary
angiosarcoma metastatic
angiosarcoma of liver
angiosarcoma recurrent
angiotensin converting enzyme
angiotensin converting enzyme decreased
angiotensin converting enzyme increased
angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor foetopathy
angiotensin i decreased
angiotensin i increased
angiotensin ii increased
angle closure glaucoma
animal bite
animal dander allergy
animal phobia
animal scratch
anion gap
anion gap abnormal
anion gap decreased
anion gap increased
anion gap normal
ankle and/or foot joint stiffness
ankle arthroplasty
ankle brachial index decreased
ankle deformity
ankle fracture
ankle operation
ankle pain
ankle reconstruction
ankyloglossia acquired
ankyloglossia congenital
ankylosing spondylitis
annular erythema
anogenital dysplasia
anogenital venereal warts
anogenital warts
anomalous atrioventricular excitation
anomalous atrioventricular excitation nos
anomalous pulmonary venous connection
anomalous pulmonary venous drainage
anomaly of divergence
anomaly of external ear congenital
anomaly of middle ear congenital
anomaly of orbit, congenital
anomaly of ossicles nos
anorectal agenesis
anorectal cellulitis
anorectal discomfort
anorectal disorder
anorectal fistula
anorectal infection
anorectal infection bacterial
anorectal operation
anorectal stenosis
anorectal ulcer
anorectal varices
anorexia and bulimia syndrome
anorexia nervosa
anovular menstruation
anovulatory cycle
anovulvar fistula
anoxia, in liveborn infant
anoxic encephalopathy
antasthmatic drug level
antasthmatic drug level above therapeutic
antasthmatic drug level below therapeutic
antepartum hemorrhage
anterior chamber cell
anterior chamber cleavage syndrome
anterior chamber crystallisation
anterior chamber degeneration
anterior chamber disorder
anterior chamber fibrin
anterior chamber flare
anterior chamber inflammation
anterior chamber opacity
anterior chest wall pain
anterior interosseous syndrome
anterior spinal artery syndrome
anterograde amnesia
anthrax disease
anthropological culture
anti factor ix antibody negative
anti factor ix antibody positive
anti factor v antibody positive
anti factor vii antibody positive
anti factor viii antibody positive
anti factor viii antibody test
anti factor x antibody positive
anti factor xi antibody positive
anti factor xii antibody positive
anti-androgen withdrawal syndrome
anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody positive
anti-erythrocyte antibody
anti-erythrocyte antibody negative
anti-erythrocyte antibody positive
anti-erythropoietin antibody
anti-erythropoietin antibody negative
anti-erythropoietin antibody positive
anti-gad antibody
anti-gad antibody positive
anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody
anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody positive
anti-glomerular basement membrane disease
anti-insulin antibody
anti-insulin antibody decreased
anti-insulin antibody increased
anti-insulin antibody positive
anti-insulin receptor antibody positive
anti-islet cell antibody positive
anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive vasculitis
anti-nuclear factor positive
anti-platelet antibody
anti-platelet antibody negative
anti-platelet antibody positive
anti-prothrombin antibody positive
anti-ss-a antibody positive
anti-ss-b antibody positive
anti-thyroid antibody
anti-thyroid antibody positive
antiacetylcholine receptor antibody
antiacetylcholine receptor antibody positive
antiangiogenic therapy
antibiotic level above therapeutic
antibiotic level below therapeutic
antibiotic prophylaxis
antibiotic resistant staphylococcus test
antibiotic resistant staphylococcus test positive
antibiotic therapy
antibodies, anticardiolipin
antibodies, antinuclear
antibody test
antibody test abnormal
antibody test negative
antibody test positive
anticholinergic syndrome
anticipatory anxiety
anticoagulant prophylaxis
anticoagulant therapy
anticoagulation drug level
anticoagulation drug level above therapeutic
anticoagulation drug level below therapeutic
anticoagulation drug level therapeutic
anticonvulsant drug level
anticonvulsant drug level abnormal
anticonvulsant drug level above therapeutic
anticonvulsant drug level below therapeutic
anticonvulsant drug level decreased
anticonvulsant drug level increased
anticonvulsant drug level therapeutic
antidepressant drug clearance decreased
antidepressant drug clearance increased
antidepressant drug level
antidepressant drug level above therapeutic
antidepressant drug level below therapeutic
antidepressant drug level decreased
antidepressant drug level increased
antidepressant therapy
antidiuretic hormone abnormality
antiendomysial antibody positive
antigliadin antibody positive
antimalarial prophylaxis
antimicrobial susceptibility test
antimicrobial susceptibility test intermediate
antimicrobial susceptibility test resistant
antimicrobial susceptibility test sensitive
antimitochondrial antibody
antimitochondrial antibody positive
antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies
antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody
antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody decreased
antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody increased
antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive
antinuclear antibody
antinuclear antibody increased
antinuclear antibody negative
antinuclear antibody positive
antiphospholipid antibodies
antiphospholipid antibodies positive
antiphospholipid syndrome
antipsychotic drug level
antipsychotic drug level above therapeutic
antipsychotic drug level below therapeutic
antipsychotic drug level increased
antipsychotic drug level therapeutic
antisocial behavior
antisocial behaviour
antisocial personality disorder
antisynthetase syndrome
antithrombin iii decreased
antithrombin iii deficiency
antithrombin iii increased
antitussive therapy
antiviral drug level above therapeutic
antiviral drug level below therapeutic
anus neoplasms
anus prolapse
anus tissue injury wound
anus, imperforate
anxiety disorder
anxiety disorder due to a general medical condition
anxiety disorders
anxiety postoperative
anxious parent
aorta hypoplasia
aortic aneurysm
aortic aneurysm repair
aortic aneurysm rupture
aortic arteriosclerosis
aortic bifurcation bypass graft (procedure)
aortic bruit
aortic bypass
aortic calcification
aortic coarctation
aortic dilatation
aortic diseases
aortic disorder
aortic dissection
aortic dissection rupture
aortic elongation
aortic embolus
aortic injury
aortic intramural haematoma
aortic necrosis
aortic occlusion
aortic rupture
aortic stenosis
aortic stenosis, subvalvular
aortic surgery
aortic thrombosis
aortic valve atresia
aortic valve calcification
aortic valve disease
aortic valve disease mixed
aortic valve disorder
aortic valve incompetence
aortic valve insufficiency
aortic valve prolapse
aortic valve repair
aortic valve replacement
aortic valve sclerosis
aortic valve stenosis
aortic wall hypertrophy
aorticopulmonary septal defect
aorto-duodenal fistula
aorto-esophageal fistula
aorto-oesophageal fistula
aortogram abnormal
aortopulmonary septal defect
apache ii score
apache ii score increased
apache ii score:function:point in time:^patient:ordinal
apallic syndrome
apert syndrome
apert's syndrome
apert-crouzon syndrome
apgar score abnormal
apgar score low
apgar score normal
apheresis (procedure)
aphonia psychogenic
aphrodisiac therapy
aphthous stomatitis
apical granuloma
aplasia cutis congenita
aplasia pure red cell
aplasia, nos
aplastic anaemia
aplastic anemia
apneic attack
apnoea test
apnoeic attack
apolipoprotein a-i decreased
apolipoprotein a-i increased
apolipoprotein a-ii decreased
apolipoprotein abnormal
apolipoprotein b abnormal
apolipoprotein b increased
apolipoprotein b/apolipoprotein a-1 ratio increased
apolipoprotein decreased
apolipoprotein increased
apparent death
apparent life threatening event
appendiceal abscess
appendiceal mucocoele
appendiceal neoplasms
appendicitis noninfective
appendicitis perforated
appendix disorder
appetite disorder
appetite disorders
appetite loss - anorexia
appetite symptom nos
application of dressing for burn
application site abscess
application site alopecia
application site anaesthesia
application site anesthesia
application site atrophy
application site bleeding
application site burn
application site cellulitis
application site cold feeling
application site dermatitis
application site discharge
application site discolouration
application site discomfort
application site dryness
application site eczema
application site edema
application site erosion
application site erythema
application site exfoliation
application site fissure
application site folliculitis
application site haematoma
application site hyperaesthesia
application site hypersensitivity
application site induration
application site infection
application site inflammation
application site irritation
application site mass
application site necrosis
application site nodule
application site odour
application site oedema
application site pain
application site pallor
application site papules
application site paraesthesia
application site perspiration
application site photosensitivity reaction
application site pigmentation changes
application site pruritus
application site pustules
application site rash
application site reaction
application site scab
application site scar
application site swelling
application site ulcer
application site urticaria
application site vesicles
application site warmth
aquagenic pruritus
aqueductal stenosis
aqueous fibrin
arachnoid cyst
arachnoid cysts
arcus lipoides
arginase deficiency
argininosuccinate synthetase deficiency
arm amputation
arm pain
arms went limp
arnold chiari malformation
arnold-chiari malformation
arrested labor
arrested labour
arrhythmia neonatal
arrhythmia supraventricular
arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia
arterectomy with graft replacement
arterial aneurysm repair
arterial bruit
arterial bypass operation
arterial catheterisation
arterial catheterisation abnormal
arterial catheterisation normal
arterial catheterization
arterial disorder
arterial fibrosis
arterial graft
arterial haemorrhage
arterial hemorrhage
arterial injury
arterial insufficiency
arterial ligation
arterial occlusive disease
arterial occlusive diseases
arterial repair
arterial restenosis
arterial rupture
arterial spasm
arterial steal syndrome
arterial stenosis
arterial stenosis limb
arterial stent insertion
arterial therapeutic procedure
arterial thrombosis
arterial thrombosis limb
arteriogram abnormal
arteriogram carotid abnormal
arteriogram coronary
arteriogram coronary abnormal
arteriogram coronary normal
arteriogram renal abnormal
arteriopathic disease
arteriosclerosis coronary artery
arteriosclerosis moenckeberg-type
arteriosclerosis obliterans
arteriosclerotic gangrene
arteriosclerotic retinopathy
arteriospasm coronary
arteriovenous aneurysm
arteriovenous fistula
arteriovenous fistula aneurysm
arteriovenous fistula occlusion
arteriovenous fistula of pulmonary vessels
arteriovenous fistula operation
arteriovenous fistula site complication
arteriovenous fistula site haematoma
arteriovenous fistula site haemorrhage
arteriovenous fistula site infection
arteriovenous fistula thrombosis
arteriovenous graft
arteriovenous graft aneurysm
arteriovenous graft site abscess
arteriovenous graft site haemorrhage
arteriovenous graft site infection
arteriovenous graft thrombosis
arteriovenous malformation
arteriovenous shunt operation
arteritis coronary
arteritis infective
artery dissection
arthralgia of the lower leg (& [knee])
arthritis allergic
arthritis bacterial
arthritis enteropathic
arthritis fungal
arthritis gonococcal
arthritis infective
arthritis pain
arthritis reactive
arthritis salmonella
arthritis viral
arthritis, gouty
arthritis, psoriatic
arthropod bite
arthropod infestation
arthropod sting
arthropod-borne disease
arthropod-borne infectious disease
arthroscopic surgery
arthroscopic surgical procedures
arthroscopy abnormal
articular calcification
articular disc disorder
articular disc disorder of temporomandibular joint
articulation disorders
artificial anus
artificial bladder implantation
artificial crown procedure
artificial heart device user
artificial insemination by donor
artificial insemination by partner
artificial menopause
artificial rupture of membranes
artificial urinary sphincter implant
ascorbic acid deficiency
aseptic necrosis of bone
asherman syndrome
asherman's syndrome
asocial behavior
asocial behaviour
aspartate aminotransferase
aspartate aminotransferase abnormal
aspartate aminotransferase decreased
aspartate aminotransferase increase
aspartate aminotransferase increased
aspartate aminotransferase normal
aspartate transaminase
asperger syndrome
asperger's disorder
aspergillosis oral
aspergillus test
aspergillus test positive
asphyxia neonatorum
asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy
aspiration biopsy
aspiration bone marrow
aspiration bone marrow abnormal
aspiration breast
aspiration bronchial
aspiration bursa
aspiration joint
aspiration joint abnormal
aspiration pleural cavity
aspiration pleural cavity abnormal
aspiration tracheal
aspiration tracheal abnormal
assisted delivery
assisted fertilisation
assisted fertilization
associated sign
associated symptom
asteatotic eczema
asthma exercise induced
asthma late onset
asthma prophylaxis
asthma prophylaxis (pharmacologic substance)
asthmatic crisis
astringent therapy
astrocytoma malignant
astrocytoma, low grade
asymptomatic bacteriuria
asymptomatic gene carrier
asymptomatic hiv infection
ataxia telangiectasia
ataxias, hereditary
atelectasis neonatal
atherosclerosis of aorta
atherosclerosis of renal artery
athletic injuries
atlantoaxial instability
atonic seizures
atonic urinary bladder
atony of bladder nos
atresia of vagina
atrial bigeminy
atrial conduction time prolongation
atrial fibrillation
atrial flutter
atrial hypertrophy
atrial natriuretic peptide decreased
atrial natriuretic peptide increased
atrial premature complexes
atrial pressure increased
atrial rupture
atrial septal defect
atrial septal defect acquired
atrial septal defect repair
atrial septal defects
atrial septectomy or septostomy; transvenous method, balloon (eg, rashkind type) (includes cardiac catheterization)
atrial tachycardia
atrial thrombosis
atrioventricular block
atrioventricular block complete
atrioventricular block first degree
atrioventricular block second degree
atrioventricular canal structure
atrioventricular dissociation
atrioventricular extrasystoles
atrioventricular junctional rhythm
atrioventricular septal defect
atrioventricular septal defect and common atrioventricular junction
atrophic condition of skin
atrophic endometrium
atrophic glossitis
atrophic iris
atrophic vaginitis
atrophic vulvovaginitis
atrophie blanche
atrophy of breast
atrophy of globe
atrophy of kidney
atrophy of liver
atrophy of pancreas
atrophy of salivary gland nos
atrophy of testis
atrophy of tongue
atrophy of vocal cord
attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
attention-seeking behaviour
atypical attention deficit syndrome
atypical benign partial epilepsy
atypical chest pain
atypical facial pain
atypical fibroxanthoma
atypical fibroxanthoma of skin
atypical mycobacterial infection
atypical mycobacterial lymphadenitis
atypical mycobacterial pneumonia
atypical mycobacterium test positive
audiogram abnormal
auditory meatus external erosion
auditory processing disorder, central
auditory recruitment
aural polyp
auricular haematoma
auricular perichondritis
auricular swelling
auriculotemporal syndrome
autism spectrum disorder
autism spectrum disorders
autistic disorder
autoantibody positive
autoantibody test
autoimmune diseases
autoimmune disorder
autoimmune hepatitis
autoimmune inner ear disease
autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome
autoimmune myocarditis
autoimmune neuropathy
autoimmune neutropenia
autoimmune pancreatitis
autoimmune pancytopenia
autoimmune thrombocytopenia
autoimmune thyroiditis
autologous bone marrow transplantation therapy
automatic bladder
automatism epileptic
automatism, command
autonomic dysreflexia
autonomic failure syndrome
autonomic nerve operation
autonomic nervous system imbalance
autonomic neuropathy
autosomal chromosome anomaly
avascular necrosis
avian influenza
avoidant personality disorder
avulsion fracture
awareness of heart beat
axillary mass
axillary nerve injury
axillary pain
axillary vein thrombosis
axonal neuropathy
b lymphoblastic lymphoma
b precursor type acute leukaemia
b-cell lymphoma
b-cell lymphoma recurrent
b-cell lymphoma stage i
b-cell lymphoma stage ii
b-cell lymphoma stage iii
b-cell lymphoma stage iv
b-cell lymphomas
b-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma
b-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma recurrent
b-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma stage i
b-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma stage iii
b-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma stage iv
b-cell type acute leukaemia
b-cell unclassifiable lymphoma high grade
b-cell unclassifiable lymphoma low grade
b-lymphocyte abnormalities
b-lymphocyte count decreased
b-lymphocyte count increased
babinski reflex
babinski reflex test
bacillary angiomatosis
bacillus infection
bacillus test positive
back crushing
back disorder
back distress
back injuries
back injury
back pain
back pain complicating pregnancy
back pain, severe
bacterial abscess
bacterial abscess central nervous system
bacterial allergy
bacterial corneal ulcer
bacterial culture (procedure)
bacterial cystitis
bacterial diarrhoea
bacterial disease carrier
bacterial food poisoning
bacterial infection
bacterial infections
bacterial iritis
bacterial pericarditis
bacterial prostatitis
bacterial pyelonephritis
bacterial resistance
bacterial rhinitis
bacterial sepsis
bacterial septicemia
bacterial test
bacterial test negative
bacterial test positive
bacterial toxaemia
bacterial tracheitis
bacterial vaginosis
bacteriuria in pregnancy
bacteroides bacteraemia
bacteroides infection
bacteroides infections
bacteroides test positive
baker's cyst excision
balance disorder
balanitis candida
balint's syndrome
balloon atrial septostomy
baltic myoclonic epilepsy
band neutrophil count decreased
band neutrophil count increased
band neutrophil percentage decreased
band neutrophil percentage increased
band sensation
banding of pulmonary artery
barber's chair sign positive
barbiturates positive
bariatric gastric balloon insertion
barium enema
barium enema abnormal
barium enema normal
barium swallow
barium swallow abnormal
barotitis media
barrel chest
barrett esophagus
barrett's oesophagus
bartholin's abscess
bartholin's cyst
bartholin's cyst removal
bartonella infections
bartter disease
bartter's syndrome
basal cell carcinoma
basal cell naevus syndrome
basal ganglia haemorrhage
basal ganglia hemorrhage
basal ganglia infarction
basal ganglion degeneration
base excess
base excess abnormal
base excess decreased
base excess increased
base excess measurement
base excess negative
base excess positive
basedow's disease
basilar artery occlusion
basilar artery stenosis
basilar artery thrombosis
basilar migraine
basilar-type migraine
basophil count
basophil count abnormal
basophil count decreased
basophil count increased
basophil percentage
basophil percentage decreased
basophil percentage increased
basophilic stippling
basosquamous carcinoma
basosquamous carcinoma of skin
bathroom issues
battered wife
beau's lines
becker muscular dystrophy
becker's muscular dystrophy
beckwith-wiedemann syndrome
bed bug infestation
bed rest
behavioral symptoms
behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia
behcet syndrome
behcet's syndrome
bence jones protein urine
bence jones protein urine present
bence jones proteinuria
bence-jones proteinuria
benign anorectal neoplasm
benign biliary neoplasm
benign bone neoplasm
benign breast lump removal
benign breast neoplasm
benign cardiac neoplasm
benign colonic neoplasm
benign congenital hypotonia
benign digestive system neoplasms
benign duodenal neoplasm
benign ear neoplasm
benign endocrine neoplasm
benign familial haematuria
benign familial hematuria
benign familial pemphigus
benign female reproductive tract neoplasm
benign gastric neoplasm
benign gastrointestinal neoplasm
benign hepatic neoplasm
benign hydatidiform mole
benign intracranial hypertension
benign laryngeal neoplasm
benign lung neoplasm
benign lymph node neoplasm
benign lymphocytic infiltration of jessner
benign mediastinal neoplasm
benign mesothelioma
benign middle ear neoplasm
benign muscle neoplasm
benign neoplasm
benign neoplasm of adrenal gland
benign neoplasm of bladder
benign neoplasm of brain, unspecified
benign neoplasm of breast
benign neoplasm of cervix uteri
benign neoplasm of colon
benign neoplasm of duodenum
benign neoplasm of epididymis
benign neoplasm of eye
benign neoplasm of eye, unspecified
benign neoplasm of eyelid
benign neoplasm of heart
benign neoplasm of kidney
benign neoplasm of lacrimal gland
benign neoplasm of larynx
benign neoplasm of lung
benign neoplasm of lymph nodes
benign neoplasm of middle ear
benign neoplasm of oral cavity nos
benign neoplasm of oropharynx
benign neoplasm of peritoneum
benign neoplasm of pharynx
benign neoplasm of pineal gland
benign neoplasm of prostate
benign neoplasm of respiratory tract
benign neoplasm of skin
benign neoplasm of small intestine
benign neoplasm of soft tissue
benign neoplasm of spinal cord
benign neoplasm of stomach
benign neoplasm of testis
benign neoplasm of thyroid gland
benign neoplasm of trachea
benign neoplasm of uterine cervix
benign neoplasm of uterus nos
benign neoplasm of vulva
benign neoplasm vagina
benign oesophageal neoplasm
benign ovarian neoplasm
benign ovarian tumour
benign pancreatic neoplasm
benign penile neoplasm
benign peritoneal neoplasm
benign prostatic hyperplasia
benign renal neoplasm
benign respiratory tract neoplasm
benign rolandic epilepsy
benign salivary gland neoplasm
benign small intestinal neoplasm
benign soft tissue neoplasm
benign spleen tumour
benign tracheal neoplasm
benign tumor of eyelid
benign tumor of pancreas
benign tumor of penis
benign tumor of salivary gland
benign tumour excision
benign uterine neoplasm
benign vaginal neoplasm
benign vascular neoplasm
benign vulval neoplasm
beta 2 microglobulin abnormal
beta 2 microglobulin decreased
beta 2 microglobulin increased
beta 2 microglobulin urine increased
beta globulin abnormal
beta globulin decreased
beta globulin increased
beta haemolytic streptococcal infection
beta-2 glycoprotein antibody positive
beta-n-acetyl-d-glucosaminidase abnormal
beta-n-acetyl-d-glucosaminidase increased
bicuspid aortic valve
bicuspid pulmonary valve
bifascicular block
bifidobacterium infection
bigeminal pulse
bilateral breast buds
bilateral hydronephrosis
bilateral orchidectomy
bilateral visual field constriction
bile culture positive
bile duct adenoma
bile duct calculus
bile duct cancer
bile duct cancer recurrent
bile duct cancer stage ii
bile duct cancer stage iii
bile duct cancer stage iv
bile duct carcinoma
bile duct exploration
bile duct necrosis
bile duct obstruction
bile duct pressure
bile duct pressure increased
bile duct stenosis
bile duct stent insertion
bile duct stent removal
bile duct stone
bile duct t-tube insertion
bile duct t-tube removal
bile output
bile output abnormal
bile output decreased
bile output increased
bile pigment regurgitation
bilevel positive airway pressure
biliary abscess
biliary adenoma
biliary anastomosis
biliary anastomosis complication
biliary cancer metastatic
biliary cirrhosis
biliary cirrhosis primary
biliary colic
biliary cyst
biliary dilatation
biliary drainage
biliary drainage (procedure)
biliary dyskinesia
biliary fibrosis
biliary fistula
biliary ischaemia
biliary neoplasm
biliary polyp
biliary sepsis
biliary sphincterotomy
biliary tract dilation procedure
biliary tract diseases
biliary tract disorder
biliary tract hemorrhage
biliary tract infection
biliary tract infection bacterial
biliary tract infection fungal
biliary tract neoplasm
biliary tract operation
biliopancreatic bypass
bilious attack
bilirubin conjugated
bilirubin conjugated abnormal
bilirubin conjugated increased
bilirubin excretion disorder
bilirubin urine
binge eating
binocular eye movement disorder
biological blood vessel prosthesis
biopsy abdominal wall abnormal
biopsy adrenal gland abnormal
biopsy artery
biopsy artery normal
biopsy bile duct abnormal
biopsy bladder
biopsy bladder abnormal
biopsy bladder normal
biopsy blood vessel abnormal
biopsy bone
biopsy bone abnormal
biopsy bone marrow
biopsy bone marrow abnormal
biopsy bone marrow normal
biopsy brain
biopsy brain abnormal
biopsy brain normal
biopsy breast
biopsy breast abnormal
biopsy breast normal
biopsy bronchus
biopsy bronchus abnormal
biopsy bronchus normal
biopsy cervix
biopsy cervix abnormal
biopsy chest wall abnormal
biopsy chorionic villous abnormal
biopsy colon
biopsy colon abnormal
biopsy cornea abnormal
biopsy endometrium
biopsy endometrium abnormal
biopsy epididymis abnormal
biopsy eyelid
biopsy fallopian tube abnormal
biopsy gingival
biopsy heart
biopsy heart abnormal
biopsy intestine abnormal
biopsy kidney
biopsy kidney abnormal
biopsy larynx abnormal
biopsy lip
biopsy liver
biopsy liver abnormal
biopsy liver normal
biopsy lung
biopsy lung abnormal
biopsy lung normal
biopsy lymph gland
biopsy lymph gland abnormal
biopsy mucosa abnormal
biopsy muscle
biopsy muscle abnormal
biopsy oesophagus
biopsy oesophagus abnormal
biopsy palate abnormal
biopsy pancreas abnormal
biopsy parathyroid gland
biopsy parathyroid gland abnormal
biopsy penis abnormal
biopsy pericardium abnormal
biopsy peripheral nerve
biopsy peripheral nerve abnormal
biopsy pleura
biopsy pleura abnormal
biopsy prostate
biopsy prostate abnormal
biopsy rectum
biopsy rectum abnormal
biopsy salivary gland abnormal
biopsy site unspecified abnormal
biopsy site unspecified normal
biopsy skin
biopsy skin abnormal
biopsy skin normal
biopsy small intestine
biopsy small intestine abnormal
biopsy spinal cord abnormal
biopsy spleen abnormal
biopsy stomach
biopsy stomach abnormal
biopsy testes
biopsy thyroid gland
biopsy thyroid gland abnormal
biopsy tongue
biopsy tongue abnormal
biopsy tongue normal
biopsy trachea abnormal
biopsy urethra abnormal
biopsy uterus
biopsy uterus abnormal
biopsy vagina
biopsy vagina abnormal
biopsy vocal cord
biopsy vocal cord abnormal
biopsy vulva abnormal
biotin deficiency
bipolar disorder
bipolar i disorder
bipolar ii disorder
birth mark
birth trauma
bispectral index decreased
bite injury
bitter taste
bizarre dreams
bk virus infection
black piedra
bladder ablation
bladder adenocarcinoma stage iii
bladder adenocarcinoma stage unspecified
bladder agenesis
bladder calculus removal
bladder cancer
bladder cancer recurrent
bladder cancer stage 0, with cancer in situ
bladder cancer stage i, with cancer in situ
bladder cancer stage i, without cancer in situ
bladder cancer stage ii
bladder cancer stage iii
bladder cancer stage iv
bladder candidiasis
bladder catheter management
bladder catheter permanent
bladder catheter removal
bladder catheter replacement
bladder catheter temporary
bladder catheterisation
bladder cyst
bladder dilatation
bladder discomfort
bladder disorder
bladder distention
bladder diverticulum
bladder dysfunction
bladder exstrophy
bladder fibrosis
bladder fistula repair
bladder granuloma
bladder hypertrophy
bladder injury
bladder irrigation
bladder irrigation procedure
bladder irritation
bladder malposition acquired
bladder mass
bladder neck obstruction
bladder neck operation
bladder neck resection
bladder neck sclerosis
bladder neck suspension
bladder necrosis
bladder neoplasm
bladder neoplasm surgery
bladder obstruction
bladder operation
bladder pain
bladder papilloma
bladder perforation
bladder polypectomy
bladder prolapse
bladder repair
bladder sarcoma
bladder spasm
bladder sphincter atony
bladder squamous cell carcinoma stage ii
bladder squamous cell carcinoma stage unspecified
bladder stenosis
bladder tamponade
bladder telangiectasia
bladder trabeculation
bladder transitional cell carcinoma
bladder transitional cell carcinoma recurrent
bladder transitional cell carcinoma stage 0
bladder transitional cell carcinoma stage i
bladder transitional cell carcinoma stage ii
bladder transitional cell carcinoma stage iii
blast cell
blast cell count decreased
blast cell count increased
blast cell crisis
blast cell proliferation
blast cells
blast cells absent
blast cells present
blast crisis in myelogenous leukaemia
blast injuries
blast injury
blastocystis infection
blastocystis infections
bleached hair
bleeding anovulatory
bleeding from anus
bleeding from ear
bleeding of pharynx
bleeding of vagina
bleeding peripartum
bleeding time
bleeding time abnormal
bleeding time procedure
bleeding time prolonged
bleeding time shortened
bleeding varicose vein
bleomycin/doxorubicin/lomustine/streptozocin protocol
blepharal papilloma
blepharal pigmentation
blepharitis allergic
blepharophimosis congenital
blighted ovum
blind loop syndrome
blind vision
blindness congenital
blindness cortical
blindness day
blindness hysterical
blindness transient
blindness traumatic
blindness unilateral
blindness, complete
blindness, transient
blister infected
blood 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol decreased
blood 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol increased
blood 25-hydroxycholecalciferol decreased
blood 25-hydroxycholecalciferol increased
blood acid phosphatase abnormal
blood acid phosphatase decreased
blood acid phosphatase increased
blood albumin
blood albumin abnormal
blood albumin decreased
blood albumin increased
blood alcohol
blood alcohol abnormal
blood alcohol increased
blood aldosterone abnormal
blood aldosterone decreased
blood aldosterone increased
blood alkaline phosphatase
blood alkaline phosphatase abnormal
blood alkaline phosphatase decreased
blood alkaline phosphatase increased
blood alkaline phosphatase normal
blood aluminium abnormal
blood aluminium increased
blood androstenedione increased
blood antidiuretic hormone
blood antidiuretic hormone abnormal
blood antidiuretic hormone decreased
blood antidiuretic hormone increased
blood antimony increased
blood arsenic increased
blood basophil count (lab test)
blood beryllium
blood beryllium decreased
blood beta-d-glucan abnormal
blood beta-d-glucan decreased
blood beta-d-glucan increased
blood bicarbonate
blood bicarbonate abnormal
blood bicarbonate decreased
blood bicarbonate increased
blood bilirubin
blood bilirubin abnormal
blood bilirubin decreased
blood bilirubin increased
blood bilirubin unconjugated
blood bilirubin unconjugated increased
blood blister
blood brain barrier defect
blood bromide decreased
blood bromide increased
blood cadmium increased
blood caffeine
blood caffeine increased
blood calcitonin decreased
blood calcitonin increased
blood calcium
blood calcium abnormal
blood calcium decreased
blood calcium increased
blood cannabinoids
blood cannabinoids increased
blood carbon monoxide
blood carbon monoxide abnormal
blood carbon monoxide decreased
blood carbon monoxide increased
blood catecholamines abnormal
blood catecholamines decreased
blood catecholamines increased
blood chloride abnormal
blood chloride decreased
blood chloride increased
blood cholesterol
blood cholesterol abnormal
blood cholesterol decreased
blood cholesterol increased
blood cholesterol normal
blood cholinesterase
blood cholinesterase abnormal
blood cholinesterase decreased
blood cholinesterase increased
blood chromium decreased
blood chromium increased
blood chromogranin a
blood chromogranin a increased
blood citric acid abnormal
blood citric acid increased
blood coagulation disorders
blood coagulation factor
blood copper abnormal
blood copper decreased
blood copper increased
blood corticosterone abnormal
blood corticosterone decreased
blood corticosterone increased
blood corticotrophin
blood corticotrophin abnormal
blood corticotrophin decreased
blood corticotrophin increased
blood cortisol abnormal
blood cortisol decreased
blood cortisol increased
blood count
blood count abnormal
blood count normal
blood creatine
blood creatine abnormal
blood creatine decreased
blood creatine increased
blood creatine phosphokinase
blood creatine phosphokinase abnormal
blood creatine phosphokinase bb increased
blood creatine phosphokinase decreased
blood creatine phosphokinase increased
blood creatine phosphokinase mb
blood creatine phosphokinase mb abnormal
blood creatine phosphokinase mb decreased
blood creatine phosphokinase mb increased
blood creatine phosphokinase mb normal
blood creatine phosphokinase mm
blood creatine phosphokinase mm increased
blood creatine phosphokinase normal
blood creatinine
blood creatinine abnormal
blood creatinine decreased
blood creatinine increased
blood culture
blood culture negative
blood culture positive
blood cyanide
blood cyanide increased
blood disorder
blood donor
blood elastase
blood elastase increased
blood electrolytes
blood electrolytes abnormal
blood electrolytes decreased
blood electrolytes increased
blood erythropoietin abnormal
blood erythropoietin decreased
blood erythropoietin increased
blood ethanal increased
blood ethanol
blood ethanol increased
blood fibrinogen
blood fibrinogen abnormal
blood fibrinogen decreased
blood fibrinogen increased
blood fibrinogen normal
blood folate
blood folate abnormal
blood folate decreased
blood folate increased
blood folate measurement
blood follicle stimulating hormone
blood follicle stimulating hormone abnormal
blood follicle stimulating hormone decreased
blood follicle stimulating hormone increased
blood follicle stimulating hormone normal
blood galactose increased
blood gases abnormal
blood gastrin increased
blood glucagon abnormal
blood glucagon decreased
blood glucagon increased
blood glucose
blood glucose abnormal
blood glucose decreased
blood glucose false positive
blood glucose fluctuation
blood glucose increased
blood glucose normal
blood gonadotrophin decreased
blood gonadotrophin increased
blood grouping
blood growth hormone
blood growth hormone abnormal
blood growth hormone decreased
blood growth hormone increased
blood heavy metal increased
blood hiv rna
blood hiv rna below assay limit
blood hiv rna decreased
blood hiv rna increased
blood homocysteine
blood homocysteine abnormal
blood homocysteine decreased
blood homocysteine increased
blood hyposmosis
blood immunoglobulin a
blood immunoglobulin a abnormal
blood immunoglobulin a decreased
blood immunoglobulin a increased
blood immunoglobulin d decreased
blood immunoglobulin e
blood immunoglobulin e abnormal
blood immunoglobulin e decreased
blood immunoglobulin e increased
blood immunoglobulin g
blood immunoglobulin g abnormal
blood immunoglobulin g decreased
blood immunoglobulin g increased
blood immunoglobulin m
blood immunoglobulin m abnormal
blood immunoglobulin m decreased
blood immunoglobulin m increased
blood insulin
blood insulin abnormal
blood insulin decreased
blood insulin increased
blood iron
blood iron abnormal
blood iron decreased
blood iron increased
blood iron normal
blood isopropanol increased
blood ketone body
blood ketone body decreased
blood ketone body increased
blood ketone body present
blood lactate dehydrogenase
blood lactate dehydrogenase abnormal
blood lactate dehydrogenase decreased
blood lactate dehydrogenase increased
blood lactic acid
blood lactic acid abnormal
blood lactic acid decreased
blood lactic acid increased
blood lead
blood lead increased
blood loss anaemia neonatal
blood luteinising hormone abnormal
blood luteinising hormone decreased
blood luteinising hormone increased
blood magnesium
blood magnesium abnormal
blood magnesium decreased
blood magnesium increased
blood mercury
blood mercury abnormal
blood methaemoglobin
blood methaemoglobin absent
blood methaemoglobin present
blood methanol increased
blood oestrogen
blood oestrogen abnormal
blood oestrogen decreased
blood oestrogen increased
blood osmolarity
blood osmolarity abnormal
blood osmolarity decreased
blood osmolarity increased
blood parathyroid hormone
blood parathyroid hormone abnormal
blood parathyroid hormone decreased
blood parathyroid hormone increased
blood ph abnormal
blood ph decreased
blood ph increased
blood phosphorus
blood phosphorus abnormal
blood phosphorus decreased
blood phosphorus increased
blood platelet disorders
blood potassium
blood potassium abnormal
blood potassium decreased
blood potassium increased
blood potassium normal
blood pressure
blood pressure abnormal
blood pressure ambulatory abnormal
blood pressure ambulatory decreased
blood pressure ambulatory increased
blood pressure decreased
blood pressure diastolic
blood pressure diastolic abnormal
blood pressure diastolic decreased
blood pressure diastolic increased
blood pressure fluctuation
blood pressure immeasurable
blood pressure inadequately controlled
blood pressure increased
blood pressure management
blood pressure normal
blood pressure orthostatic
blood pressure orthostatic abnormal
blood pressure orthostatic decreased
blood pressure orthostatic increased
blood pressure systolic
blood pressure systolic abnormal
blood pressure systolic decreased
blood pressure systolic increased
blood pressure systolic inspiratory decreased
blood pressure taking management
blood product transfusion
blood product transfusion dependent
blood proinsulin increased
blood prolactin
blood prolactin abnormal
blood prolactin decreased
blood prolactin increased
blood pyruvic acid
blood pyruvic acid abnormal
blood pyruvic acid decreased
blood pyruvic acid increased
blood smear test abnormal
blood sodium
blood sodium abnormal
blood sodium decreased
blood sodium increased
blood stem cell harvest
blood stem cell harvest failure
blood stem cell transplant failure
blood test
blood test abnormal
blood test normal
blood testosterone
blood testosterone abnormal
blood testosterone decreased
blood testosterone free abnormal
blood testosterone free decreased
blood testosterone free increased
blood testosterone increased
blood testosterone normal
blood thrombin
blood thrombin abnormal
blood thrombin decreased
blood thrombin increased
blood thromboplastin
blood thromboplastin abnormal
blood thromboplastin decreased
blood thromboplastin increased
blood thyroid stimulating hormone
blood thyroid stimulating hormone abnormal
blood thyroid stimulating hormone decreased
blood thyroid stimulating hormone increased
blood thyroid stimulating hormone normal
blood transfusion
blood transfusion reaction
blood transfusion, autologous
blood triglycerides
blood triglycerides abnormal
blood triglycerides decreased
blood triglycerides increased
blood triglycerides normal
blood trypsin increased
blood urea
blood urea abnormal
blood urea decreased
blood urea increased
blood urea nitrogen measurement
blood urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio
blood urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio decreased
blood urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio increased
blood uric acid
blood uric acid abnormal
blood uric acid decreased
blood uric acid increased
blood urine
blood urine absent
blood urine present
blood viscosity increased
blood zinc abnormal
blood zinc decreased
blood zinc increased
bloodshot eye
bloody discharge
bloody discharge finding
bloody peritoneal effluent
blotchy rash
blue lips
blue toe syndrome
blunted affect
blunting of mood
blurred vision
body dysmorphic disorder
body dysmorphic disorders
body fat disorder
body fluid retention
body height
body height abnormal
body height above normal
body height below normal
body height decreased
body height increased
body mass index decreased
body mass index increased
body pain
body temperature
body temperature changes
body temperature decreased
body temperature fluctuation
body temperature increased
body tinea
body weight decreased
body weight problem
bone abscess
bone atrophy
bone callus excessive
bone cancer metastatic
bone cyst
bone cyst excision
bone cysts
bone cysts, aneurysmal
bone debridement
bone decalcification
bone deformity
bone densitometry
bone density abnormal
bone density decreased
bone density increased
bone development abnormal
bone diseases
bone diseases, metabolic
bone disorder
bone electrostimulation therapy
bone erosion
bone fissure
bone fistula
bone formation decreased
bone formation increased
bone fragmentation
bone giant cell tumour
bone giant cell tumour benign
bone graft
bone graft lysis
bone graft removal
bone groove deepening
bone infarction
bone infection
bone infection nos, of unspecified site
bone lesion
bone lesion excision
bone loss
bone marrow depression
bone marrow diseases
bone marrow disorder
bone marrow eosinophilic leukocyte count increased
bone marrow failure
bone marrow granuloma
bone marrow harvest failure
bone marrow hyperplasia
bone marrow ischaemia
bone marrow leukaemic cell infiltration
bone marrow metamyelocyte count increased
bone marrow myelogram abnormal
bone marrow necrosis
bone marrow oedema
bone marrow oedema syndrome
bone marrow plasmacyte count increased
bone marrow reticulin fibrosis
bone marrow toxicity
bone marrow transplant
bone marrow transplant rejection
bone marrow transplantation
bone marrow tumour cell infiltration
bone metabolism disorder
bone necrosis
bone neoplasm
bone neoplasm malignant
bone neoplasms
bone operation
bone pain
bone resorption test abnormal
bone sarcoma
bone scan
bone scan abnormal
bone scan normal
bone swelling
bone tenderness
bone transplantation
bone trimming
bone tuberculosis
borderline glaucoma
borderline glaucoma nos
borderline leprosy
borderline mental impairment
borderline ovarian tumour
borderline personality disorder
bordetella infection
bordetella infections
bordetella test positive
borrelia infection
borrelia infections
borrelia test negative
borrelia test positive
bottle feeding
boutonneuse fever
bovine tuberculosis
bowel movement irregularity
bowel preparation
bowel spasm
bowen's disease
bowenoid papulosis
bowman's membrane disorder
brachial plexopathy
brachial plexus injury
brachial plexus lesions nos
brachial plexus neuropathies
brachial pulse decreased
brachial pulse increased
brachytherapy to breast
brachytherapy to prostate
bradyarrhythmia (disorder)
bradycardia foetal
bradycardia neonatal
brain abscess
brain cancer metastatic
brain compression
brain concussion
brain contusion
brain death
brain diseases, metabolic
brain hemorrhage
brain herniation
brain hypoxia
brain injuries
brain injury
brain lobectomy
brain malformation
brain mass
brain midline shift
brain natriuretic peptide
brain natriuretic peptide abnormal
brain natriuretic peptide decreased
brain natriuretic peptide increased
brain neoplasm
brain neoplasm benign
brain neoplasm malignant
brain neoplasms
brain oedema
brain operation
brain scan abnormal
brain scan normal
brain stem auditory evoked response
brain stem auditory evoked response abnormal
brain stem glioma
brain stem haemorrhage
brain stem hemorrhage
brain stem infarction
brain stem infarctions
brain stem ischaemia
brain stem ischemia
brain stem stroke
brain stem syndrome
brain stem thrombosis
brain tumour operation
branchial cleft cyst
branchial cleft sinus
branchial cyst
breakthrough pain
breast abscess
breast adenoma
breast atrophy
breast calcifications
breast cancer
breast cancer female
breast cancer in situ
breast cancer male
breast cancer metastatic
breast cancer recurrent
breast cancer stage i
breast cancer stage ii
breast cancer stage iii
breast cancer stage iv
breast cellulitis
breast cyst
breast cyst drainage
breast cyst excision
breast discharge
breast discolouration
breast discomfort
breast diseases
breast disorder
breast disorder female
breast disorder male
breast dysplasia
breast engorgement
breast enlargement
breast feeding
breast fibrocystic disease
breast fibroma
breast fibrosis
breast haematoma
breast haemorrhage
breast hematoma
breast hyperplasia
breast hypoplasia
breast implant procedure
breast induration
breast infection
breast inflammation
breast injury
breast lump removal
breast malformation
breast mass
breast microcalcification
breast milk discolouration
breast necrosis
breast neoplasm
breast neoplasms, male
breast oedema
breast operation
breast pain
breast pain female
breast prosthesis implantation
breast prosthesis removal
breast prosthesis user
breast reconstruction
breast sarcoma
breast surgery
breast swelling
breast tenderness
breath alcohol test
breath alcohol test negative
breath alcohol test positive
breath holding
breath odour
breath sounds
breath sounds abnormal
breath sounds absent
breath-holding spell
breathing-related sleep disorder
breathy voice quality
breech delivery
breech extraction
breech presentation
brief psychotic disorder with marked stressors
brief psychotic disorder without marked stressors
brief psychotic disorder, with postpartum onset
broad ligament haematoma
bromosulphthalein test abnormal
bronchial anastomosis
bronchial anastomosis complication
bronchial carcinoma
bronchial diseases
bronchial disorder
bronchial dysplasia
bronchial fistula
bronchial haemorrhage
bronchial hemorrhage
bronchial hyperreactivity
bronchial injury
bronchial irritation
bronchial neoplasm
bronchial neoplasm benign
bronchial neoplasms
bronchial obstruction
bronchial oedema
bronchial polyp
bronchial secretion retention
bronchial spasm
bronchial ulceration
bronchial wall thickening
bronchiolitis obliterans
bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia
bronchioloalveolar carcinoma
bronchitis bacterial
bronchitis chronic
bronchitis fungal
bronchitis haemophilus
bronchitis moraxella
bronchitis pneumococcal
bronchitis viral
bronchitis, chronic
broncho-esophageal fistula
bronchoalveolar lavage
bronchoalveolar lavage abnormal
bronchogenic carcinoma
bronchogenic cyst
bronchogram abnormal
bronchopleural fistula
bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
bronchopulmonary aspergillosis allergic
bronchopulmonary disease
bronchopulmonary dysplasia
bronchopulmonary sequestration
bronchoscopy abnormal
bronchoscopy normal
bronchospasm paradoxical
brow presentation
brow presentation nos
brown-sequard syndrome
brucella test positive
brugada syndrome
brugada syndrome (disorder)
bruising symptom nos
brunner's gland hyperplasia
bruns nystagmus
bruton's agammaglobulinaemia
bubonic plague
buccal mucosal roughening
buccal polyp
buccoglossal syndrome
budd-chiari syndrome
bulbar palsy
bulbar palsy, progressive
bulging fontanelle
bulimia nervosa
bullous impetigo
bullous lung disease
bullous pemphigoid
bullous urticaria
bundle branch block
bundle branch block bilateral
bundle branch block left
bundle branch block right
bundle-branch block
bunion operation
burglary victim
burkholderia cepacia complex infection
burkholderia cepacia complex sepsis
burkholderia pseudomallei infection
burkitt lymphoma
burkitt's leukaemia
burkitt's lymphoma
burkitt's lymphoma recurrent
burkitt's lymphoma stage iii
burkitt's lymphoma stage iv
burn debridement
burn dressing
burn infection
burn oesophageal
burn of internal organ
burn of internal organs
burn operation
burning feeling vagina
burning feet
burning feet syndrome
burning mouth syndrome
burning sensation
burning sensation mucosal
burning sensation of mucous membrane
burning sensation of skin
burning tongue
burnout syndrome
burns first degree
burns fourth degree
burns second degree
burns third degree
bursa calcification
bursa disorder
bursa injury
bursa removal
bursal operation
bursitis infective
bursitis infective staphylococcal
buschke-lowenstein's tumour
butterfly rash
buttock crushing
buzzing in ear
byzanthine arch palate
c-anca positive
c-reactive protein
c-reactive protein abnormal
c-reactive protein decreased
c-reactive protein increased
c-telopeptide increased
c/o - overwork
c1 esterase inhibitor decreased
ca-125 antigen
caecal lesion excision
caecum operation
caesarean section
cafe au lait spots
cafe-au-lait spots
caffeine consumption
calcaneal apophysitis
calcific deposits removal
calcification metastatic
calcification of muscle
calcification of pericardium
calcification of pleura
calcifying fibrous pseudotumour
calcium deficiency
calcium deposits in tendon
calcium intoxication
calcium ionised
calcium ionised abnormal
calcium ionised decreased
calcium ionised increased
calcium measurement, urine
calcium metabolism disorder
calcium metabolism disorders
calcium phosphate product increased
calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease
calculus bladder
calculus in urethra
calculus of pancreas
calculus prostatic
calculus ureteric
calculus urethral
calculus urinary
callus formation delayed
calyceal diverticulum
campbell de morgan spots
camptodactyly acquired
camptodactyly congenital
campylobacter gastroenteritis
campylobacter infection
campylobacter test positive
canalith repositioning procedure
canavan disease
cancer gene carrier
cancer in remission
cancer of head and neck
cancer of mediastinum
cancer of urinary tract
cancer pain
candida endophthalmitis
candida infection of genital region
candida nappy rash
candida osteomyelitis
candida pneumonia
candida sepsis
candida test positive
candidiasis of lung
candidiasis of the esophagus
candidiasis of vagina
candidiasis, vulvovaginal
cannot sleep at all
canthoplasty (reconstruction of canthus)
capillary disorder
capillary fragility
capillary fragility increased
capillary leak syndrome
capillary nail refill test
capillary nail refill test abnormal
capillary permeability
capillary permeability increased
caplan syndrome
caplan's syndrome
capsule physical issue
caput succedaneum
carbamoyl phosphate synthetase deficiency
carbamoyl-phosphate synthase i deficiency disease
carbohydrate antigen 125
carbohydrate antigen 125 increased
carbohydrate antigen 15-3
carbohydrate antigen 15-3 increased
carbohydrate antigen 19-9
carbohydrate antigen 19-9 increased
carbohydrate antigen 27.29 increased
carbohydrate craving
carbohydrate intolerance
carbohydrate metabolism disorder
carbohydrate tolerance decreased
carbohydrate tolerance increased
carbon dioxide
carbon dioxide abnormal
carbon dioxide decreased
carbon dioxide increased
carbon monoxide diffusing capacity decreased
carbon monoxide poisoning
carboxyhaemoglobin increased
carcinoembryonic antigen increased
carcinogenic effect in offspring
carcinoid heart disease
carcinoid syndrome
carcinoid tumor
carcinoid tumour
carcinoid tumour of the appendix
carcinoid tumour of the caecum
carcinoid tumour of the duodenum
carcinoid tumour of the gastrointestinal tract
carcinoid tumour of the pancreas
carcinoid tumour of the prostate
carcinoid tumour of the small bowel
carcinoid tumour of the stomach
carcinoid tumour pulmonary
carcinoma bladder stage iv
carcinoma breast stage i
carcinoma breast stage iv
carcinoma in situ
carcinoma in situ of anal canal
carcinoma in situ of bladder
carcinoma in situ of eye
carcinoma in situ of larynx
carcinoma in situ of penis
carcinoma in situ of skin
carcinoma in situ of vagina
carcinoma of colon, stage iii
carcinoma of glottis
carcinoma of nasopharynx
carcinoma of the large intestine
carcinoma, basosquamous
carcinoma, neuroendocrine
carcinoma, non-small-cell lung
carcinoma, small cell
carcinoma, transitional cell
cardiac ablation
cardiac amyloidosis
cardiac aneurysm
cardiac aneurysm repair
cardiac arrest
cardiac arrest neonatal
cardiac arrhythmia
cardiac assistance device user
cardiac asthma
cardiac autonomic neuropathy
cardiac cirrhosis
cardiac complication associated with device
cardiac death
cardiac discomfort
cardiac disorder
cardiac dyskinesia
cardiac electrophysiologic stimulation and recording study
cardiac electrophysiologic study
cardiac electrophysiologic study abnormal
cardiac enzymes
cardiac enzymes increased
cardiac failure
cardiac failure acute
cardiac failure chronic
cardiac failure congestive
cardiac failure high output
cardiac fibrillation
cardiac fibroma
cardiac flutter
cardiac function disturbance postoperative
cardiac function test
cardiac function test abnormal
cardiac granuloma
cardiac hypertrophy
cardiac imaging procedure abnormal
cardiac imaging procedure normal
cardiac index abnormal
cardiac index decreased
cardiac index increased
cardiac infection
cardiac malposition
cardiac massage
cardiac monitoring
cardiac monitoring abnormal
cardiac murmur
cardiac murmur functional
cardiac myxoma
cardiac neoplasm malignant
cardiac neoplasm unspecified
cardiac operation
cardiac output
cardiac output decreased
cardiac output increased
cardiac pacemaker battery replacement
cardiac pacemaker evaluation
cardiac pacemaker insertion
cardiac pacemaker removal
cardiac pacemaker replacement
cardiac pacemaker revision
cardiac pain
cardiac perforation
cardiac procedure complication
cardiac pseudoaneurysm
cardiac rehabilitation therapy
cardiac resynchronisation therapy
cardiac sarcoidosis
cardiac septal defect
cardiac septal defect repair
cardiac septal defect residual shunt
cardiac siderosis
cardiac stress test
cardiac stress test abnormal
cardiac stress test normal
cardiac surgery procedures
cardiac tamponade
cardiac telemetry abnormal
cardiac toxicity
cardiac transplant disorder
cardiac valve abscess
cardiac valve disease
cardiac valve fibroelastoma
cardiac valve prosthesis user
cardiac valve replacement complication
cardiac valve rupture
cardiac valve sclerosis
cardiac valve vegetation
cardiac ventricular disorder
cardiac ventriculogram
cardiac ventriculogram abnormal
cardiac ventriculogram left
cardiac ventriculogram left abnormal
cardiac ventriculogram right abnormal
cardio-respiratory arrest
cardio-respiratory arrest neonatal
cardio-respiratory distress
cardioactive drug level
cardioactive drug level above therapeutic
cardioactive drug level below therapeutic
cardioactive drug level decreased
cardioactive drug level increased
cardiogenic shock
cardiolipin antibody
cardiolipin antibody positive
cardiomegaly - hypertensive
cardiomyopathy acute
cardiomyopathy alcoholic
cardiomyopathy neonatal
cardiomyopathy, dilated
cardiopulmonary arrest
cardiopulmonary bypass
cardiopulmonary failure
cardiopulmonary insufficiency
cardiorenal syndrome
cardiothoracic ratio increased
cardiovascular abnormalities
cardiovascular deconditioning
cardiovascular diseases
cardiovascular disorder
cardiovascular evaluation
cardiovascular event prophylaxis
cardiovascular function test
cardiovascular function test abnormal
cardiovascular insufficiency
cardiovascular symptoms nos
carnitine decreased
carnitine deficiency
carnitine increased
carnitine palmitoyltransferase deficiency
carotene decreased
carotene increased
carotid aneurysm rupture
carotid arterial embolus
carotid arteriosclerosis
carotid artery aneurysm
carotid artery bypass
carotid artery disease
carotid artery diseases
carotid artery dissection
carotid artery insufficiency
carotid artery occlusion
carotid artery stenosis
carotid artery stent insertion
carotid artery stent removal
carotid artery thrombosis
carotid atherosclerosis
carotid body paraganglioma
carotid body tumour
carotid bruit
carotid endarterectomy
carotid intima-media thickness increased
carotid pulse
carotid pulse abnormal
carotid pulse decreased
carotid pulse increased
carotid sinus syndrome
carotid stenosis
carpal collapse
carpal tunnel decompression
carpal tunnel syndrome
carpus curvus
carrier of viral hepatitis
cartilage atrophy
cartilage development disorder
cartilage diseases
cartilage graft
cartilage hypertrophy
cartilage injury
cartilage neoplasm
cartilage operation
cartilaginous exostosis
cast application
castleman's disease
cat scratch disease
cat-scratch disease
catabolic state
cataract congenital
cataract cortical
cataract diabetic
cataract nuclear
cataract operation
cataract operation complication
cataract subcapsular
cataract traumatic
catecholamines urine
catecholamines urine abnormal
catecholamines urine decreased
catecholamines urine increased
catecholamines urine normal
catheter culture positive
catheter placement
catheter related infection
catheter removal
catheter site cellulitis
catheter site discharge
catheter site erosion
catheter site erythema
catheter site haematoma
catheter site haemorrhage
catheter site infection
catheter site inflammation
catheter site necrosis
catheter site oedema
catheter site pain
catheter site phlebitis
catheter site pruritus
catheter site rash
catheter site related reaction
catheter site swelling
catheter site urticaria
catheterisation cardiac
catheterisation cardiac abnormal
catheterisation cardiac normal
catheterisation venous
catheterization, ureteral
cauda equina syndrome
caudal dysplasia sequence
caudal regression syndrome
caustic injury
cautery to nose
cavernous sinus thrombosis
cd4 lymphocytes
cd4 lymphocytes abnormal
cd4 lymphocytes decreased
cd4 lymphocytes increased
cd4/cd8 ratio decreased
cd4/cd8 ratio increased
cd8 lymphocytes
cd8 lymphocytes decreased
cd8 lymphocytes increased
celiac artery compression syndrome
celiac disease
cell death
cell marker
cell marker increased
cell-mediated cytolysis
cell-mediated cytotoxicity
cell-mediated immune deficiency
cells in urine
cellulitis enterococcal
cellulitis gangrenous
cellulitis laryngeal
cellulitis of male external genital organ
cellulitis of penis
cellulitis of periorbital region
cellulitis orbital
cellulitis pasteurella
cellulitis pharyngeal
cellulitis staphylococcal
cellulitis streptococcal
central auditory processing disorder
central chest pain
central muscle fatigue
central nervous system abscess
central nervous system dermoid tumour
central nervous system enteroviral infection
central nervous system function test abnormal
central nervous system infection
central nervous system infections
central nervous system inflammation
central nervous system lesion
central nervous system lymphoma
central nervous system mass
central nervous system necrosis
central nervous system neoplasm
central nervous system neoplasms
central nervous system origin vertigo
central nervous system stimulation
central nervous system viral diseases
central nervous system viral infection
central obesity
central pain
central pain syndrome
central venous catheter removal
central venous catheterisation
central venous pressure abnormal
central venous pressure decreased
central venous pressure increased
central-alveolar hypoventilation
cephalhematoma due to birth trauma
cephalo-pelvic disproportion
cephalopelvic disproportion
cerebellar artery occlusion
cerebellar artery thrombosis
cerebellar ataxia
cerebellar atrophy
cerebellar degenerations, primary
cerebellar diseases
cerebellar embolism
cerebellar haemangioma
cerebellar haematoma
cerebellar haemorrhage
cerebellar hematoma
cerebellar hemorrhage
cerebellar hypoplasia
cerebellar infarction
cerebellar ischaemia
cerebellar syndrome
cerebellar tumour
cerebellopontine angle tumour
cerebral amyloid angiopathy
cerebral angiitis
cerebral arteriosclerosis
cerebral arteriovenous malformation haemorrhagic
cerebral arteritis
cerebral artery embolism
cerebral artery occlusion
cerebral artery occlusion nos
cerebral artery stenosis
cerebral artery thrombosis
cerebral aspergillosis
cerebral ataxia
cerebral atherosclerosis
cerebral atrophy
cerebral atrophy congenital
cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy
cerebral calcification
cerebral circulatory failure
cerebral cyst
cerebral cyst excision
cerebral decompression
cerebral disorder
cerebral dysgenesis
cerebral edema control
cerebral fungal infection
cerebral haemangioma
cerebral haematoma
cerebral haemorrhage
cerebral haemorrhage foetal
cerebral haemorrhage neonatal
cerebral haemorrhage traumatic
cerebral hemisphere hemorrhage
cerebral hygroma
cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome
cerebral hypoperfusion
cerebral infarction
cerebral infarction foetal
cerebral ischaemia
cerebral ischemia
cerebral lobotomy
cerebral malaria
cerebral microangiopathy
cerebral microhaemorrhage
cerebral neuroblastoma
cerebral oedema management
cerebral palsy
cerebral revascularisation
cerebral salt-wasting syndrome
cerebral sarcoidosis
cerebral small vessel ischaemic disease
cerebral thrombosis
cerebral toxoplasmosis
cerebral vasoconstriction
cerebral vasospasm
cerebral venous thrombosis
cerebral ventricle dilatation
cerebral ventriculogram abnormal
cerebral ventriculography
cerebrohepatorenal syndrome
cerebrospinal fistula
cerebrospinal fluid drainage
cerebrospinal fluid leak
cerebrospinal fluid protein assay
cerebrospinal fluid reservoir placement
cerebrospinal fluid retention
cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea
cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea
cerebrovascular accident
cerebrovascular accident prophylaxis
cerebrovascular arteriovenous malformation
cerebrovascular disorder
cerebrovascular disorders
cerebrovascular insufficiency
cerebrovascular operation
cerebrovascular spasm
cerebrovascular stenosis
ceruloplasmin abnormal
ceruloplasmin decreased
ceruloplasmin increased
cerumen impaction
cerumen removal
cervical adenocarcinoma
cervical conisation
cervical cord compression
cervical cyst
cervical discharge
cervical dysplasia
cervical dystonia
cervical friability
cervical incompetence
cervical laser therapy
cervical leukoplakia
cervical myelopathy
cervical neoplasm
cervical nerve root pain
cervical neuritis
cervical polyp
cervical radiculitis
cervical rib
cervical root pain
cervical spinal stenosis
cervical spine flattening
cervical spine laxity
cervical squamous cell carcinoma
cervical vertebral fracture
cervicitis cystic
cervicitis gonococcal
cervicitis human papilloma virus
cervicitis trichomonal
cervico-occipital neuralgia
cervicobrachial syndrome
cervicogenic headache
cervix cancer metastatic
cervix carcinoma
cervix carcinoma recurrent
cervix carcinoma stage 0
cervix carcinoma stage i
cervix carcinoma stage ii
cervix carcinoma stage iii
cervix carcinoma stage iv
cervix cautery
cervix cerclage procedure
cervix diseases
cervix disorder
cervix dystocia
cervix enlargement
cervix erosion
cervix erythema
cervix fully dilated
cervix haematoma uterine
cervix haemorrhage uterine
cervix inflammation
cervix neoplasm
cervix oedema
cervix operation
cesarean section
cessation of life
cestode infection
cestode infections
chagas disease
change in feces/bowel movements
change in mental status
change in sustained attention
change of bowel habit
changing job (finding)
chapped lips
chapping of lips
charcot-leyden crystal deposits
charcot-leyden crystals
charcot-marie-tooth disease
charge syndrome
charles bonnet syndrome
charleyhorse (finding)
cheek pain
cheilitis granulomatosa
chelation therapy
chemical burn of gastrointestinal tract
chemical burn of respiratory tract
chemical burn of skin
chemical burns of eye
chemical cystitis
chemical eye injury
chemical injury
chemical peritonitis
chemical poisoning
chemotherapeutic drug level above therapeutic
chemotherapeutic drug level below therapeutic
chemotherapeutic drug level decreased
chemotherapeutic drug level increased
chemotherapy cardiotoxicity attenuation
chemotherapy extravasation management
chemotherapy multiple agents systemic
chemotherapy neurotoxicity attenuation
chest crushing
chest discomfort
chest expansion decreased
chest injury
chest pain
chest pain nec in mdr
chest pain on breathing
chest pressure
chest tightness
chest tube insertion
chest wall abscess
chest wall cyst
chest wall mass
chest wall necrosis
chest wall operation
chest wall pain
chest x-ray
chest x-ray abnormal
chest x-ray normal
cheyne-stokes respiration
chiasma syndrome
chikungunya virus infection
chilaiditi's syndrome
child abuse
child abuse injury
child maltreatment syndrome
child neglect
childhood disintegrative disorder
childhood psychosis
chitotriosidase decreased
chitotriosidase increased
chlamydia infections
chlamydia serology
chlamydia test
chlamydia test positive
chlamydial cervicitis
chlamydial infection
chlamydial pelvic inflammatory disease
choanal atresia
choking sensation
cholangiectasis acquired
cholangiogram abnormal
cholangiopancreatography, magnetic resonance
cholangitis acute
cholangitis chronic
cholangitis sclerosing
cholangitis suppurative
cholangitis, sclerosing
cholecystectomy procedure
cholecystitis acute
cholecystitis chronic
cholecystitis infective
cholecystitis, acute
choledochal cyst
cholelithiasis migration
cholelithiasis obstructive
cholestasis in newborn
cholestasis of pregnancy
cholestatic hepatitis
cholestatic liver injury
cholesterol granuloma
cholinergic syndrome
chondrocalcinosis pyrophosphate
chondrogenic neoplasm
chondrolysis of articular cartilage
chondrosarcoma metastatic
chondrosarcoma recurrent
chordae tendinae rupture
choriomeningitis lymphocytic
chorioretinal atrophy
chorioretinal degeneration
chorioretinal disorder
chorioretinal scar
choroid hemorrhage
choroid melanoma
choroid neoplasm
choroid neoplasms
choroid plexus carcinoma
choroid plexus neoplasms
choroid plexus papilloma
choroidal and/or chorioretinal disorder
choroidal coloboma
choroidal detachment
choroidal dystrophy
choroidal effusion
choroidal haemorrhage
choroidal infarction
choroidal neovascularisation
choroidal rupture
chromosomal deletion
chromosomal mutation
chromosome abnormality
chromosome analysis abnormal
chromosome banding
chromosome deletion
chronic abdominal pain
chronic allograft nephropathy
chronic back pain
chronic cancer pain
chronic childhood arthritis
chronic constipation
chronic cough
chronic disease of respiratory system
chronic eosinophilic leukaemia
chronic eosinophilic leukemia
chronic fatigue syndrome
chronic gastrointestinal bleeding
chronic gastrointestinal hemorrhage
chronic graft versus host disease
chronic graft-versus-host disease
chronic granulomatous disease
chronic hepatic failure
chronic hepatitis
chronic infantile neurological cutaneous and articular syndrome
chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
chronic intractable pain
chronic left ventricular failure
chronic leukaemia
chronic leukemia (category)
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia recurrent
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia refractory
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia stage 0
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia stage 1
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia stage 4
chronic lymphocytic leukaemia transformation
chronic lymphocytic leukemia
chronic myeloid leukaemia
chronic myeloid leukaemia transformation
chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia
chronic obstructive airway disease
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
chronic paroxysmal hemicrania
chronic pelvic pain of female
chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia
chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis
chronic pyelonephritis nos
chronic regurgitation
chronic rejection of renal transplant
chronic respiratory disease
chronic respiratory failure
chronic right ventricular failure
chronic sinusitis
chronic sinusitis nos
chronic tonsillitis
chronic vomiting
chronotropic incompetence
churg-strauss syndrome
chylomicron increased
cicatrix, hypertrophic
ciliary body degeneration
ciliary body disorder
ciliary body haemorrhage
ciliary hyperaemia
ciliary motility disorders
ciliary muscle spasm
ciliary zonular dehiscence
cinchonism (disorder)
circadian rhythm sleep disorder
circles under eyes
circling gait
circulating anticoagulant
circulating anticoagulant positive
circulatory collapse
circulatory failure neonatal
circumoral oedema
circumoral paresthesia
circumstance or information capable of leading to medication error
circumstances interfere with sleep
cirrhosis alcoholic
citric acid urine decreased
citrobacter infection
citrobacter sepsis
clammy skin
clamping of blood vessel
clasp-knife spasticity
clavicle fracture
clear cell endometrial carcinoma
clear cell sarcoma of kidney
clear cell sarcoma of the kidney
cleft lip
cleft lip and palate
cleft lip repair
cleft palate
cleft palate repair
cleft palate with cleft lip
cleft uvula
clitoral engorgement
clitoral erection
clitoris abscess
cloacal exstrophy
clonal evolution
clonic convulsion
closed fracture manipulation
closed head injuries
clostridial infection
clostridium bacteraemia
clostridium colitis
clostridium difficile colitis
clostridium difficile sepsis
clostridium infections
clostridium test
clostridium test positive
closure of cystostomy
closure of gastrostomy
clot retraction
clot retraction procedure
clotting factor transfusion
clown's gait
clubbing of nail
clumsy child
clumsy child syndrome
cluster headache
cns germinoma
cns symptom
cns ventriculitis
coagulation disorder neonatal
coagulation factor
coagulation factor decreased
coagulation factor deficiency
coagulation factor increased
coagulation factor inhibitor assay
coagulation factor ix level abnormal
coagulation factor ix level decreased
coagulation factor ix level increased
coagulation factor mutation
coagulation factor v level abnormal
coagulation factor v level decreased
coagulation factor v level increased
coagulation factor vii level decreased
coagulation factor vii level increased
coagulation factor viii level abnormal
coagulation factor viii level decreased
coagulation factor viii level increased
coagulation factor x level abnormal
coagulation factor x level decreased
coagulation factor x level increased
coagulation factor xi level abnormal
coagulation factor xi level decreased
coagulation factor xi level increased
coagulation factor xii level decreased
coagulation factor xii level increased
coagulation factor xiii level abnormal
coagulation factor xiii level decreased
coagulation test abnormal
coagulation time
coagulation time abnormal
coagulation time decreased
coagulation time increased
coagulation time prolonged
coagulation time shortened
coarctation of the aorta
coarse hair
coccidioides encephalitis
cochlea implant
coeliac artery compression syndrome
coeliac artery stenosis
coeliac disease
cogan's syndrome
cognition disorders
cognitive deterioration
cognitive disorder
cognitive function: distractibility
cogwheel rigidity
coital bleeding
cold agglutinins
cold agglutinins positive
cold agglutinins present
cold compress therapy
cold exposure injury
cold extremities
cold hemagglutinin disease
cold intolerance
cold sweat
cold therapy
cold type haemolytic anaemia
cold-like symptoms
cold-stimulus headache
colectomy total
colitis erosive
colitis ischaemic
colitis microscopic
colitis ulcerative
collagen antigen type 1
collagen diseases
collagen disorder
collagen-vascular disease
collateral circulation
coloboma of iris
colon adenoma
colon cancer
colon cancer metastatic
colon cancer recurrent
colon cancer stage 0
colon cancer stage i
colon cancer stage ii
colon cancer stage iii
colon cancer stage iv
colon dysplasia
colon fistula repair
colon gangrene
colon injury
colon neoplasm
colon operation
colon polypectomy
colonic fistula
colonic haematoma
colonic hematoma
colonic inertia
colonic neoplasms
colonic obstruction
colonic polyp
colonic polyps
colonic pseudo-obstruction
colonic stenosis
colonoscopy abnormal
colonoscopy normal
colony stimulating factor therapy
colony-stimulating factor therapy
color blindness
colorado tick fever
colorectal cancer
colorectal cancer metastatic
colorectal cancer recurrent
colorectal cancer stage i
colorectal cancer stage ii
colorectal cancer stage iii
colorectal cancer stage iv
colostomy closure
colostomy infection
colostomy procedure
colour blindness
colour blindness acquired
colour vision tests abnormal
colour vision tests abnormal red-green
colposcopy abnormal
colposuspension (procedure)
coma acidotic
coma blister
coma hepatic
coma neonatal
coma scale
coma scale abnormal
coma uraemic
coma, post-head injury
combined hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma
combined immunodeficiency
combined pregnancy
comminuted fracture
comminuted fracture type
common migraine
communicable disease contact
communicable diseases
communication disorder
communication impairment
community acquired infection
compartment syndrome
compartment syndromes
complement factor
complement factor abnormal
complement factor c1 decreased
complement factor c1 increased
complement factor c2 decreased
complement factor c3 decreased
complement factor c3 increased
complement factor c4
complement factor c4 decreased
complement factor c4 increased
complement factor decreased
complement factor increased
complement fixation abnormal
complement fixation test positive
complete blood count
completed suicide
complex partial seizures
complex regional pain syndrome
complex regional pain syndromes
complicated fracture
complicated migraine
complicated pneumoconiosis
complication of delivery
complication of device insertion
complication of device removal
complication of pregnancy
complication of transplanted liver
complication of transplanted lung
complication of transplanted pancreas
complication of vaccination
complications of bone marrow transplant
complications of intestinal transplant
complications of transplant surgery
complications of transplanted heart
complications of transplanted kidney
complications of transplanted liver
complications of transplanted lung
complications of transplanted pancreas
compression fracture
compression injury of nerve
compression of spinal cord
compression of umbilical cord
compression stockings application
compulsive hoarding
compulsive lip biting
compulsive sexual behaviour
compulsive shopping
computerised tomogram
computerised tomogram abdomen abnormal
computerised tomogram abnormal
computerised tomogram coronary artery abnormal
computerised tomogram head
computerised tomogram normal
computerised tomogram thorax
computerised tomogram thorax abnormal
concentric sclerosis
concern about drug reaction
concomitant disease aggravated
concomitant disease progression
condition aggravated
conduct disorder
conduction disorder
conduction disorder of the heart
conductive deafness
conductive hearing loss
conductive keratoplasty
confluent and reticulate papillomatosis
confusion postoperative
confusional arousal
confusional arousals
confusional state
congenital abdominal hernia
congenital abnormal shape of inner ear
congenital abnormal synostosis
congenital abnormality
congenital absence of bile ducts
congenital absence of both testes
congenital absence of cranial vault
congenital absence of external ear, unspecified
congenital absence of kidneys syndrome
congenital absence of spleen
congenital absence of vertebra
congenital absence of vertebra nos
congenital acrochordon
congenital adrenal gland hypoplasia
congenital anaemia
congenital androgen deficiency
congenital anemia
congenital anomalies of ear ossicles
congenital anomaly
congenital anomaly in offspring
congenital anomaly of adrenal gland
congenital anomaly of artery
congenital anomaly of breast
congenital anomaly of cartilage
congenital anomaly of eyelid
congenital anomaly of face
congenital anomaly of inner ear
congenital anomaly of joint
congenital anomaly of spinal cord
congenital anomaly of spine
congenital anomaly of urethra
congenital aortic anomaly
congenital aortic atresia
congenital aortic dilatation
congenital aortic stenosis
congenital aortic valve incompetence
congenital aortic valve stenosis
congenital aplastic anaemia
congenital aqueductal stenosis
congenital arterial malformation
congenital arteriovenous fistula
congenital arteriovenous malformation
congenital atresia of aortic valve
congenital atresia of duodenum
congenital atresia of external auditory canal
congenital atresia of ileum
congenital atresia of trachea
congenital aural fistula
congenital bladder anomaly
congenital blindness
congenital bowing of long bones
congenital brain damage
congenital bronchogenic cyst
congenital bronchomalacia
congenital cardiovascular anomaly
congenital carnitine deficiency
congenital cataract
congenital central nervous system anomaly
congenital cerebellar agenesis
congenital cerebellar hypoplasia
congenital cerebral cyst
congenital cerebral cyst nos
congenital cerebral hernia
congenital cerebrovascular anomaly
congenital choroid plexus cyst
congenital choroidal anomaly
congenital clavicular agenesis
congenital claw toe
congenital cleft hand
congenital clinodactyly
congenital coagulopathy
congenital corneal anomaly
congenital coronary artery malformation
congenital cutis laxa
congenital cyst
congenital cystic disease of liver
congenital cystic eyeball
congenital cystic kidney disease
congenital cystic lung
congenital cystic lung disease, unspecified
congenital cytomegalovirus infection
congenital deafness
congenital deformity of clavicle
congenital degeneration of nervous system
congenital dermal sinus
congenital diaphragmatic anomaly
congenital diaphragmatic hernia
congenital dilatation of ureter
congenital dyskeratosis
congenital ear anomaly nos (disorder)
congenital ectodermal dysplasia
congenital ectopic bladder
congenital ectopic pancreas
congenital elevation of scapula
congenital emphysema
congenital endocrine anomaly
congenital epiglottal anomaly
congenital eustachian tube anomaly
congenital exomphalos
congenital eye disorder
congenital eye naevus
congenital eyelid malformation
congenital facial nerve hypoplasia
congenital fissure of tongue
congenital fistula of lip
congenital flat feet
congenital floppy infant
congenital foot malformation
congenital funnel chest
congenital gastric anomaly
congenital genital malformation
congenital genital malformation female
congenital genital malformation male
congenital genitourinary abnormality
congenital goiter
congenital great vessel anomaly
congenital hair disorder
congenital hand malformation
congenital hearing disorder
congenital heart disease
congenital heart valve disorder
congenital hemihypertrophy
congenital hepatic fibrosis
congenital hepatobiliary anomaly
congenital hepatomegaly
congenital hernia
congenital herpes simplex
congenital herpes simplex infection
congenital hiatus hernia
congenital hip deformity
congenital hiv infection
congenital human immunodeficiency virus infection
congenital hydrocele
congenital hydrocephalus
congenital hydronephrosis
congenital hyperextension of spine
congenital hyperthyroidism
congenital hypertrichosis
congenital hypogammaglobulinaemia
congenital hypogammaglobulinemia
congenital hypoparathyroidism
congenital hypoplasia of adrenal gland
congenital hypoplasia of breast
congenital hypoplasia of kidney
congenital hypoplasia of lung
congenital hypoplasia of mitral valve
congenital hypoplasia of rib
congenital hypoplasia of thymus
congenital hypoplasia of umbilical artery
congenital hypothyroidism
congenital infection
congenital infectious disease
congenital inguinal hernia
congenital intestinal malformation
congenital iris anomaly
congenital jaw malformation
congenital joint malformation
congenital knee deformity
congenital kyphoscoliosis
congenital labia pudendi adhesions
congenital lacrimal passage anomaly
congenital laryngeal stridor
congenital laryngocele
congenital limb hyperextension
congenital lip fistula
congenital lymphoedema
congenital macrocephaly
congenital macrodactylia
congenital macroglossia
congenital macrognathism
congenital malaria
congenital malformation of the urinary system
congenital malrotation
congenital megacolon
congenital megaureter
congenital microcheilia
congenital mitochondrial cytopathy
congenital mitral valve incompetence
congenital mitral valve stenosis
congenital multiplex arthrogryposis
congenital muscle absence
congenital musculoskeletal anomalies
congenital musculoskeletal anomaly
congenital myopathy
congenital myopathy (disorder)
congenital naevus
congenital nail disorder
congenital nephrotic syndrome
congenital nephrotic syndrome nos
congenital neurological degeneration
congenital neurological disorder
congenital neuropathy
congenital neutropenia
congenital nose malformation
congenital nystagmus
congenital ocular coloboma (disorder)
congenital oculomotor apraxia
congenital oesophageal anomaly
congenital oesophageal web
congenital optic nerve anomaly
congenital oral malformation
congenital osteodystrophy
congenital ovarian anomaly
congenital pancreatic anomaly
congenital pectus carinatum
congenital perforated nasal septum
congenital pharyngeal anomaly
congenital pneumonia
congenital pneumonia nos
congenital poikiloderma
congenital pulmonary artery anomaly
congenital pulmonary hypertension
congenital pulmonary valve atresia
congenital pulmonary valve disorder
congenital pyelocaliectasis
congenital pyloric stenosis
congenital renal cyst
congenital renal disorder
congenital rubella infection
congenital salivary gland anomaly
congenital scoliosis
congenital skin disorder
congenital small ears
congenital small intestinal atresia
congenital spinal cord anomaly
congenital spinal fusion
congenital stenosis of aorta
congenital stenosis of aortic valve
congenital syphilis
congenital syphilitic osteochondritis
congenital teratoma
congenital thrombocyte disorder
congenital thymus absence
congenital tongue anomaly
congenital torticollis
congenital toxoplasmosis
congenital tracheomalacia
congenital tricuspid valve atresia
congenital tricuspid valve incompetence
congenital tricuspid valve stenosis
congenital tuberculosis
congenital ureteric anomaly
congenital ureterocele
congenital urethral anomaly
congenital urethral valve
congenital urinary tract obstruction
congenital uterine anomaly
congenital vaginal cyst
congenital varicella infection
congenital vertical talus
congenital vesicoureteric reflux
congenital visual acuity reduced
congenital vitreous anomaly
congenital web of esophagus
congenital web of larynx
congestion of nasal sinus
congestive cardiomyopathy
congestive heart failure
congo-crimean haemorrhagic fever
conjoined twins
conjunctival abrasion
conjunctival adhesion
conjunctival bleb
conjunctival cyst
conjunctival degeneration
conjunctival deposit
conjunctival discoloration
conjunctival discolouration
conjunctival diseases
conjunctival disorder
conjunctival edema nos
conjunctival erosion
conjunctival filtering bleb leak
conjunctival follicles
conjunctival haemorrhage
conjunctival hemorrhage nos
conjunctival hyperaemia
conjunctival injection
conjunctival irritation
conjunctival melanoma
conjunctival neoplasm
conjunctival neoplasms
conjunctival oedema
conjunctival operation
conjunctival pallor
conjunctival pigmentation
conjunctival primary acquired melanosis
conjunctival scar
conjunctival scars nos
conjunctival ulcer
conjunctival vascular disorder
conjunctivitis allergic
conjunctivitis bacterial
conjunctivitis infective
conjunctivitis viral
conjunctivitis, acute hemorrhagic
conjunctivitis, giant papillary
conn syndrome
connective tissue diseases
connective tissue disorder
connective tissue inflammation
connective tissue neoplasm
consciousness disturbance nos
consciousness fluctuating
constipation | patient | bld-ser-plas
constipation alternates with diarrhea
constitutional aplastic anemia
constricted affect
contact dermatitis
contact lens intolerance
continuous haemodiafiltration
continuous hemodiafiltration
continuous leakage of urine
continuous positive airway pressure
continuous tremor
contraceptive diaphragm
contraceptive methods
contracted bladder
contraindication to medical treatment
contraindication to vaccination
contralateral breast cancer
contrast media allergy
contrast media reaction
control of hemorrhage
conus medullaris syndrome
conventional (clear cell) renal cell carcinoma
conversion disorder
convulsion in childhood
convulsion neonatal
convulsions local
convulsive seizures
convulsive threshold lowered
coombs direct test
coombs direct test negative
coombs direct test positive
coombs indirect test negative
coombs indirect test positive
coombs negative haemolytic anaemia
coombs negative hemolytic anemia
coombs positive haemolytic anaemia
coombs positive hemolytic anemia
coombs test negative
coombs test positive
coordination abnormal
copper deficiency
copper metabolism disorder
coproporphyrinogen increased
cor pulmonale
cor pulmonale acute
cor pulmonale chronic
cor triatriatum
cord blood transplant therapy
corneal abrasion
corneal abscess
corneal bleeding
corneal cyst
corneal decompensation
corneal defect
corneal degeneration
corneal deposits
corneal diameter increased
corneal diseases
corneal disorder
corneal dystrophy
corneal edema
corneal endotheliitis
corneal endotheliolitis
corneal epithelial dots
corneal epithelial microcysts
corneal epithelial staining pattern
corneal epithelium defect
corneal erosion
corneal exfoliation
corneal graft rejection
corneal hypertrophy
corneal infection
corneal infiltrates
corneal lesion
corneal leukoma
corneal light reflex test abnormal
corneal light reflex test normal
corneal neovascularisation
corneal neovascularization
corneal oedema
corneal opacity
corneal opacity congenital
corneal operation
corneal perforation
corneal pigmentation
corneal reflex decreased
corneal scar
corneal staining
corneal striae
corneal surgery
corneal thinning
corneal touch
corneal transplant
corneal ulcer
cornelia de lange syndrome
corona virus infection
coronary aneurysm
coronary angioplasty
coronary arterial stent insertion
coronary arteriosclerosis
coronary arteritis
coronary artery aneurysm
coronary artery bypass
coronary artery bypass surgery
coronary artery dilatation
coronary artery disease
coronary artery dissection
coronary artery embolism
coronary artery insufficiency
coronary artery occlusion
coronary artery perforation
coronary artery reocclusion
coronary artery restenosis
coronary artery stenosis
coronary artery thrombosis
coronary artery vasospasm
coronary bypass thrombosis
coronary heart disease
coronary occlusion
coronary ostial stenosis
coronary ostium stenosis
coronary revascularisation
coronary stenosis
coronary thrombosis
corpora cavernosa surgery
corrective lens user
cortical laminar necrosis
cortical paralysis of fixation syndrome
cortisol free urine abnormal
cortisol free urine decreased
cortisol free urine increased
corynebacterium infection
corynebacterium infections
corynebacterium sepsis
corynebacterium test negative
corynebacterium test positive
cosmetic body piercing
costello syndrome
costovertebral angle tenderness
cotard's syndrome
cough decreased
cough on exercise
cough suppression
counterfeit drug administered
cow pox
cow's milk intolerance
cows milk free diet
cox-maze procedure
coxiella infection
coxiella test positive
coxsackie carditis
coxsackie myocarditis
coxsackie pericarditis
coxsackie viral infection
coxsackie virus test
coxsackie virus test positive
cramp in foot
cramp in lower leg associated with rest
cramping sensation quality
cranial epidural hematomas
cranial nerve diseases
cranial nerve disorder
cranial nerve infection
cranial nerve injuries
cranial nerve injury
cranial nerve neoplasm benign
cranial nerve neoplasms, malignant
cranial nerve operation
cranial nerve palsies
cranial nerve palsies multiple
cranial nerve paralysis
cranial neuritis
cranial operation
cranial sutures widening
craniectomy unspecified
craniocerebral injury
craniocerebral trauma
craniofacial dysostosis
craniopharyngioma benign
creatine urine
creatine urine abnormal
creatine urine decreased
creatine urine increased
creatinine renal clearance
creatinine renal clearance abnormal
creatinine renal clearance decreased
creatinine renal clearance function
creatinine renal clearance increased
creatinine urine decreased
creatinine urine increased
creation of ileostomy
creation of jejunostomy
creation of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt
crest syndrome
creutzfeldt-jakob disease
cri du chat syndrome
cri-du-chat syndrome
crime act
crime victims
critical illness polyneuropathy
crohn disease
crohn's disease
cronkhite-canada syndrome
cross infection
cross sensitivity reaction
cross sensitivity reaction (disorder)
crossmatch compatible
crossmatch incompatible
croup infectious
croup noninfectious
croupous bronchitis
crush injury
crush injury, trunk nos
crush syndrome
crushing chest pain
crushing injury
crushing injury of hip
crushing injury of trunk
crushing sensation
cryoglobulins absent
cryoglobulins present
cryptococcal cutaneous infection
cryptococcal fungaemia
cryptococcus test positive
cryptogenic cirrhosis
cryptogenic pulmonary eosinophilia
cryptosporidiosis infection
crystal arthropathy
crystal arthropathy nos, site unspecified
crystal deposit intestine
crystal urine
crystal urine present
csf cell count
csf cell count abnormal
csf cell count increased
csf culture negative
csf culture positive
csf glucose
csf glucose abnormal
csf glucose decreased
csf glucose increased
csf granulocyte count abnormal
csf immunoglobulin decreased
csf immunoglobulin increased
csf lactate abnormal
csf lactate decreased
csf lactate dehydrogenase increased
csf lactate increased
csf lymphocyte count abnormal
csf lymphocyte count increased
csf measles antibody positive
csf monocyte count decreased
csf monocyte count increased
csf monocyte count positive
csf mononuclear cell count increased
csf myelin basic protein abnormal
csf myelin basic protein increased
csf neutrophil count increased
csf neutrophil count positive
csf oligoclonal band
csf oligoclonal band present
csf ph decreased
csf pressure abnormal
csf pressure decreased
csf pressure increased
csf protein
csf protein abnormal
csf protein decreased
csf protein increased
csf shunt irrigation
csf shunt operation
csf shunt removal
csf test abnormal
csf virus identified
csf volume increased
csf white blood cell count decreased
csf white blood cell count increased
csf white blood cell count positive
csf: glucose level - finding
cubital tunnel syndrome
cullen's sign
culture cervix positive
culture positive
culture stool
culture stool negative
culture stool positive
culture throat positive
culture tissue specimen
culture tissue specimen positive
culture urine
culture urine negative
culture urine positive
culture wound
culture wound positive
cumulative trauma disorders
curetting of chalazion
curling ulcer
cushing syndrome
cushing's syndrome
cushingoid facies
cushingoid habitus
cutaneous amyloidosis
cutaneous anthrax
cutaneous contour deformity
cutaneous larva migrans
cutaneous leishmaniasis
cutaneous lupus erythematosus
cutaneous plaque
cutaneous precancerous condition
cutaneous sarcoidosis
cutaneous tuberculosis
cutaneous vasculitis
cutis laxa
cyanosis central
cyanosis neonatal
cyclic neutropenia
cyclic vomiting syndrome
cyclical neutropenia
cyclical vomiting syndrome (disorder)
cyclitic membrane
cycloplegic refraction
cyclothymic disorder
cyst aspiration
cyst aspiration abnormal
cyst drainage
cyst of bartholin's gland duct
cyst of biliary tract
cyst of cervix
cyst of eyelid nos
cyst of pharynx
cyst of pineal gland
cyst of spinal meninges
cyst of testes
cyst of thyroid
cyst of tonsil
cyst of vagina
cyst removal
cyst rupture
cystatin c abnormal
cystatin c increased
cystic eyeball, congenital
cystic fibrosis
cystic fibrosis lung
cystic fibrosis pancreatic
cystic kidney
cystic lymphangioma
cystine urine present
cystitis bacterial
cystitis due to pseudomonas
cystitis erosive
cystitis escherichia
cystitis glandularis
cystitis haemorrhagic
cystitis interstitial
cystitis klebsiella
cystitis noninfective
cystitis pseudomonal
cystitis radiation
cystitis ulcerative
cystitis viral
cystitis-like symptom
cystocele repair
cystogram abnormal
cystoid macular oedema
cystoscopy abnormal
cystostomy closure
cystourethrocele without uterine prolapse
cytarabine syndrome
cytogenetic abnormality
cytogenetic analysis
cytogenetic analysis abnormal
cytokine release syndrome
cytokine storm
cytology abnormal
cytology normal
cytolytic hepatitis
cytomegaloviral colitis
cytomegaloviral gastritis
cytomegaloviral mononucleosis
cytomegalovirus antibody
cytomegalovirus antigen
cytomegalovirus chorioretinitis
cytomegalovirus colitis
cytomegalovirus duodenitis
cytomegalovirus enteritis
cytomegalovirus enterocolitis
cytomegalovirus gastritis
cytomegalovirus gastroenteritis
cytomegalovirus gastrointestinal infection
cytomegalovirus hepatitis
cytomegalovirus infection
cytomegalovirus infections
cytomegalovirus mononucleosis
cytomegalovirus mucocutaneous ulcer
cytomegalovirus myelomeningoradiculitis
cytomegalovirus myocarditis
cytomegalovirus oesophagitis
cytomegalovirus proctocolitis
cytomegalovirus syndrome
cytomegalovirus test
cytomegalovirus test negative
cytomegalovirus test positive
cytomegalovirus urinary tract infection
cytomegalovirus viraemia
cytoreductive surgery
cytotoxic cardiomyopathy
cytotoxic oedema
dacryoadenitis acquired
dacryostenosis acquired
dacryostenosis congenital
dandy-walker syndrome
dapsone syndrome
dark circles under eyes
dawn phenomenon
de lange's syndrome
deaf mutism
deafness bilateral
deafness congenital
deafness neurosensory
deafness permanent
deafness transitory
deafness traumatic
deafness unilateral
deafness, sudden
death anxiety
death by electrocution
death neonatal
death of child
death of companion
death of parent
death of pet
death of relative
death of sibling
death of spouse
debridement of wound of skin
decerebration procedure
decidual cast
decidual endometritis
decompression of median nerve
decompression of spinal cord
decompression sickness
decrease in acne
decrease in appetite
decreased activity
decreased antithrombin iii
decreased appetite
decreased blood volume
decreased bowel sounds
decreased bronchial secretion
decreased coughing
decreased diastolic arterial pressure
decreased eye contact
decreased glomerular filtration rate
decreased immune responsiveness
decreased immunoglobulin
decreased insulin requirement
decreased interest
decreased libido
decreased muscle tone - right side more than left side
decreased platelet production
decreased serum ferritin
decreased skin sensitivity
decreased skin turgor
decreased taste
decreased therapeutic response
decreased thyroxine
decreased ventricular afterload
decreased ventricular preload
decreased vibratory sense
decreased white blood cell count
decubitus ulcer
deep brain stimulation
deep pain
deep phlebitis
deep vein thrombosis
deep vein thrombosis postoperative
defaecation urgency
deficiency anaemia
deficiency of bile secretion
deficiency of cell-mediated immunity
deficiency of orotate phosphoribosyltransferase
deficiency of testosterone biosynthesis
deformity of hip joint
deformity of orbit
deformity of pelvis
deformity of rib
deformity of spine
deformity of toe
deformity thorax
degeneration of uterine leiomyoma
degenerative polyarthritis
deglutition disorders
dehydroepiandrosterone decreased
dehydroepiandrosterone increased
dehydroepiandrosterone test
deja vu
dejerine-roussy syndrome
delayed closure of cranial sutures
delayed delivery
delayed effects of radiation
delayed emergence from anesthesia
delayed engraftment
delayed fontanelle closure
delayed menarche
delayed menarche.
delayed menopause
delayed ovulation
delayed puberty
delayed recovery from anaesthesia
delayed sleep phase
delinquent behavior
delirium febrile
delirium tremens
delivered by breech extraction
delusion of being loved
delusion of grandeur
delusion of persecution
delusion of reference
delusion of replacement
delusional disorder, erotomanic type
delusional disorder, grandiose type
delusional disorder, jealous type
delusional disorder, mixed type
delusional disorder, persecutory type
delusional disorder, somatic type
delusional disorder, unspecified type
delusional perception
delusions, mixed
dementia alzheimer's type
dementia of the alzheimer's type, with delirium
dementia of the alzheimer's type, with delusions
dementia with lewy bodies
dementia, vascular
demyelinating polyneuropathy
denervation atrophy
dengue fever
dennie-morgan fold
dental abscess
dental alveolar anomaly
dental care
dental caries
dental cleaning
dental deposits
dental discomfort
dental disorder prophylaxis
dental examination
dental examination abnormal
dental fistula
dental implantation
dental impression procedure
dental necrosis
dental operation
dental plaque
dental procedures
dental prosthesis implantation
dental prosthesis placement
dental prosthesis user
dental pulp diseases
dental pulp disorder
dental surgical procedure
dental swelling
dentinogenesis imperfecta
dentofacial anomaly
dentofacial functional disorder
denture wearer
deoxypyridinoline urine increased
dependance on enabling machine or device
dependence on enabling machine or device
dependence on respirator
dependent personality disorder
deposit eye
depressed level of consciousness
depressed mood
depression postoperative
depression suicidal
depression, postpartum
depressive delusion
depressive symptom
depressive symptoms
dermal cyst
dermal sinus
dermatitis acneiform
dermatitis allergic
dermatitis artefacta
dermatitis atopic
dermatitis bullous
dermatitis contact
dermatitis diaper
dermatitis exfoliative
dermatitis exfoliative generalised
dermatitis herpetiformis
dermatitis infected
dermatitis papillaris capillitii
dermatitis psoriasiform
dermatitis, atopic
dermatitis, phototoxic
dermatofibrosis lenticularis disseminata
dermatologic disorders
dermatologic examination abnormal
dermoid cyst
dermoid cyst of ovary
desmoid tumour
desmoplastic small round cell tumor
desmoplastic small round cell tumour
desquamation gingival
detached descemet's membrane
detachment of macular retinal pigment epithelium
detachment of retinal pigment epithelium
detoxication psychiatric therapy for alcoholism
detrusor and sphincter dyssynergia
detrusor instability
detrusor sphincter dyssynergia
developmental absence of tooth
developmental arithmetic disorder
developmental coordination disorder
developmental delay
developmental delay (disorder)
developmental expressive language disorder
developmental glaucoma
device alarm issue
device battery issue
device breakage
device capturing issue
device colour issue
device component issue
device computer issue
device connection issue
device damage
device deployment issue
device deposit issue
device difficult to use
device dislocation
device electrical finding
device expulsion
device extrusion
device failure
device ineffective
device infusion issue
device interaction
device intolerance
device inversion
device issue
device kink
device lead damage
device leakage
device malfunction
device material issue
device material opacification
device migration
device misuse
device occlusion
device optical issue
device pacing issue
device physical property issue
device power source issue
device related infection
device related sepsis
device signal detection issue
device stimulation issue
device therapy
device toxicity
dexamethasone suppression test positive
diabetes complicating pregnancy
diabetes insipidus
diabetes mellitus
diabetes mellitus inadequate control
diabetes mellitus malnutrition-related
diabetes mellitus management
diabetes mellitus nos with ophthalmic manifestation
diabetes mellitus, insulin-dependent
diabetes mellitus, non-insulin-dependent
diabetes with coma (disorder)
diabetes with hyperosmolarity
diabetic amyotrophy
diabetic angiopathies
diabetic autonomic neuropathy
diabetic blindness
diabetic bullosis
diabetic cardiomyopathy
diabetic coma
diabetic complication
diabetic complications
diabetic dermopathy
diabetic diet
diabetic encephalopathy
diabetic end stage renal disease
diabetic enteropathy
diabetic eye disease
diabetic foetopathy
diabetic foot
diabetic foot infection
diabetic gangrene
diabetic gastroenteropathy
diabetic gastroparesis
diabetic gastropathy
diabetic glaucoma
diabetic hyperglycaemic coma
diabetic hyperosmolar coma
diabetic ketoacidosis
diabetic ketoacidotic hyperglycaemic coma
diabetic macroangiopathy
diabetic mastopathy
diabetic microangiopathy
diabetic mononeuropathy
diabetic nephropathy
diabetic neuropathic ulcer
diabetic neuropathies
diabetic neuropathy
diabetic retinal oedema
diabetic retinopathy
diabetic ulcer
diabetic vascular disorder
diagnostic procedure
dialysis amyloidosis
dialysis device insertion
dialysis disequilibrium syndrome
dialyzer first use syndrome
diaphragm muscle weakness
diaphragm neoplasm
diaphragmatic aplasia
diaphragmatic disorder
diaphragmatic hernia
diaphragmatic injury
diaphragmatic operation
diaphragmatic paralysis
diaphragmatic paresis
diaphragmatic rupture
diarrhea and vomiting, symptom
diarrhea, watery
diarrhoea haemorrhagic
diarrhoea infectious
diarrhoea neonatal
diastolic dysfunction
diastolic hypertension
diastolic hypotension
diet refusal
diet, gluten-free
dieulafoy's vascular malformation
differential white blood cell count
differential white blood cell count abnormal
differential white blood cell count procedure
difficulty concentrating
difficulty passing urine
difficulty sleeping
difficulty standing
difficulty walking
diffuse alveolar damage
diffuse axonal injury
diffuse cerebral sclerosis of schilder
diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma recurrent
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma refractory
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma stage i
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma stage ii
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma stage iii
diffuse large b-cell lymphoma stage iv
diffuse mesangial sclerosis
diffuse panbronchiolitis
diffuse vasculitis
digeorge syndrome
digeorge's syndrome
digestive symptom
dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency
dihydrotestosterone decreased
dihydrotestosterone increased
dihydrouracil dehydrogenase (nadp^+^) deficiency
dilatation atrial
dilatation intrahepatic duct acquired
dilatation intrahepatic duct congenital
dilatation of aorta
dilatation of intestine
dilatation of pulmonary artery, unspecified
dilatation of ureter
dilatation ventricular
dilation of urethra
dilutional coagulopathy
dimorphic red blood cell population
direct coombs test positive
direct infection transmission
directional doppler flow tests abnormal
disability nos
disabled relative
disaccharide metabolism disorder
discharge from eye
discharge from penis
discoloration of skin
discomfort of vulva
disease complication
disease due to arthropod
disease exacerbation
disease of capillaries
disease of diaphragm
disease of mucous membrane
disease of thymus gland
disease prodromal stage
disease progression
disease recurrence
diseases of external ear
diseases of inner ear
diseases of mitral valve
disinfectant poisoning
disintegrative psychosis nos
disk, herniated
dislocation of sternum
dislocation of vertebra
disorder of biotin
disorder of carbohydrate metabolism
disorder of ciliary body
disorder of copper metabolism nos
disorder of ejaculation
disorder of eye
disorder of globe
disorder of macula of retina
disorder of magnesium metabolism nos
disorder of middle ear
disorder of mineral metabolism nos
disorder of orbit
disorder of purine metabolism
disorder of sex development
disorder of skeletal system
disorder of soft tissue
disorder of tendon
disorder of the genitourinary system
disorder of the optic nerve
disorder of tooth development
disorder of transplanted kidney
disorder of vein
disorder of visual pathways
disruption of episiotomy wound in peurperium
dissecting coronary artery aneurysm
dissection of aorta
dissection of coronary artery
disseminated cryptococcosis
disseminated cytomegaloviral infection
disseminated intravascular coagulation
disseminated intravascular coagulation in newborn
disseminated large cell lymphoma
disseminated tuberculosis
dissociative amnesia
dissociative disorder
dissociative fugue
dissociative hysteria
dissociative identity disorder
distal ileal obstruction syndrome
distal intestinal obstruction syndrome
distended umbilical veins
distress epigastric
distributive shock
disturbance in attention
disturbance in physical behavior
disturbance in sexual arousal
disturbance in social behaviour
disturbance in thinking
disuse syndrome
diuretic therapy
diverticular fistula
diverticular hernia
diverticular perforation
diverticulitis intestinal haemorrhagic
diverticulitis meckel's
diverticulitis oesophageal
diverticulum gastric
diverticulum intestinal
diverticulum intestinal haemorrhagic
diverticulum oesophageal
diverticulum of bladder nos
division of adhesions
division of fascia nos
divorced parents
divorced parents (family) (social concept)
divorced state
dizziness and giddiness symptoms
dizziness exertional
dizziness or vertigo
dizziness postural
dna antibody
dna antibody positive
documented hypersensitivity to administered drug
dolichocolon acquired
donor leukocyte infusion
donor site complication
dopamine dysregulation syndrome
double incontinence
double outlet right ventricle
double stranded dna antibody
double stranded dna antibody positive
double ureter
douglas' abscess
douglas' pouch mass
down syndrome
drain of cerebral subdural space
drain removal
drainage of pericardium nos
dream disorder
dreamy state
dressler's syndrome
dribbling of urine
drop attack
drop attacks
drowsiness of the newborn
drug abuse
drug abuser
drug action decreased
drug action increased
drug action prolonged
drug addict
drug administered at inappropriate site
drug administered to patient of inappropriate age
drug administration error
drug allergy
drug chemical incompatibility
drug clearance decreased
drug clearance increased
drug delivery device implantation
drug delivery device removal
drug dependence
drug dependence, antepartum
drug detoxification
drug dispensing error
drug diversion
drug dose omission
drug effect decreased
drug effect delayed
drug effect increased
drug effect prolonged
drug eruption
drug eruptions
drug half-life increased
drug half-life reduced
drug hypersensitivity
drug ineffective
drug ineffective for unapproved indication
drug interaction
drug interaction inhibition
drug interaction potentiation
drug interactions
drug intolerance
drug label confusion
drug level
drug level above therapeutic
drug level below therapeutic
drug level changed
drug level decreased
drug level fluctuating
drug level increased
drug level therapeutic
drug name confusion
drug physiologic incompatibility
drug prescribing error
drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms
drug rehabilitation
drug rehabilitation procedure
drug resistance
drug screen
drug screen false positive
drug screen negative
drug screen positive
drug specific antibody absent
drug specific antibody present
drug therapeutic incompatibility
drug therapy
drug therapy changed
drug tolerance
drug tolerance decreased
drug tolerance increased
drug toxicity
drug withdrawal convulsions
drug withdrawal headache
drug withdrawal maintenance therapy
drug withdrawal syndrome
drug withdrawal syndrome neonatal
drug-induced liver injury
drug-induced orofacial dyskinesia
drugged state
dry cough
dry eye
dry gangrene
dry mouth
dry skin
dry throat
dry tongue
dryness of eye
duane retraction syndrome
duane's syndrome
dubin-johnson syndrome
dubowitz syndrome
dubowitz's syndrome
duchenne muscular dystrophy
ductus arteriosus premature closure
ductus arteriosus stenosis foetal
dull chest pain
dull pain
duodenal atresia
duodenal fistula
duodenal neoplasm
duodenal neoplasms
duodenal obstruction
duodenal operation
duodenal perforation
duodenal polyp
duodenal scarring
duodenal sphincterotomy
duodenal stenosis
duodenal ulcer
duodenal ulcer haemorrhage
duodenal ulcer perforation
duodenal ulcer repair
duodenal ulcer, obstructive
duodenal varices
duodenitis haemorrhagic
duodenogastric reflux
dupuytren contracture
dupuytren's contracture
dupuytren's contracture operation
dural abscess
dural fistula
dural tear
dust inhalation pneumopathy
dynamic ileus
dysaesthesia pharynx
dysautonomia, familial
dysfunctional uterine bleeding
dyskeratosis congenita
dyskinesia neonatal
dyskinesia oesophageal
dyskinetic syndrome
dysmyelopoietic syndromes
dyspareunia (female)
dysphoric mood
dysplasia of kidney nos
dysplasia of vagina
dysplastic naevus
dysplastic naevus syndrome
dyspnea at rest
dyspnea leaning over
dyspnea on exertion
dyspnoea at rest
dyspnoea exertional
dyspnoea paroxysmal nocturnal
dysthymic disorder
dystrophia unguium
dystrophic calcification
eagle barrett syndrome
eagles syndrome
ear abrasion
ear canal abrasion
ear canal erythema
ear canal injury
ear canal stenosis
ear congestion
ear deformity acquired
ear discharge
ear discomfort
ear diseases
ear disorder
ear haemorrhage
ear infection
ear infection bacterial
ear infection fungal
ear infection staphylococcal
ear infection viral
ear injury
ear lobe infection
ear malformation
ear neoplasm
ear neoplasm malignant
ear neoplasms
ear operation
ear operation complication
ear pain
ear piercing
ear pruritus
ear tube insertion
ear tuberculosis
ear, nose and throat examination
ear, nose and throat examination abnormal
ear/nose/throat symptoms nos
early awakening
early menarche
early retirement
early satiety
eastern cooperative oncology group performance status
eastern cooperative oncology group performance status worsened
eating disorder
eating disorder symptom
eating disorders
ebola disease
ebstein anomaly
ebstein's anomaly
eccrine carcinoma
eccrine porocarcinoma
ecg normal
ecg p wave inverted
ecg signs of myocardial ischaemia
ecg signs of ventricular hypertrophy
ecg: qrs complex nos
echo virus infection
echocardiogram abnormal
echocardiogram normal
echoencephalogram abnormal
echography abnormal
echovirus infections
echovirus test positive
ecog performance status
economic problem
ecthyma, contagious
ectodermal dysplasia
ectopia cordis
ectopic acth syndrome
ectopic antidiuretic hormone secretion
ectopic atrial pacemaker
ectopic calcitonin production
ectopic kidney
ectopic pregnancy
ectopic pregnancy termination
ectopic pregnancy with intrauterine device
ectopic pupil
ectopic ureter
ectropion of cervix
eczema asteatotic
eczema eyelids
eczema herpeticum
eczema impetiginous
eczema infantile
eczema infected
eczema nummular
eczema vesicular
eczema weeping
edema of leg
edema of lower extremity
edema of male genital organs
edema of pharynx
edema of scrotum
edema of the tongue
edema of vulva
edema or excessive weight gain in pregnancy nos
edema or excessive weight gain in pregnancy without mention of hypertension
educational problem
ehlers-danlos syndrome
eisenmenger complex
eisenmenger's syndrome
ejaculation delayed
ejaculation disorder
ejaculation failure
ejection fraction
ejection fraction abnormal
ejection fraction decreased
elastosis perforans
elastosis perforans serpiginosa
elbow deformity
elbow operation
elder abuse
elective procedure
elective surgery
electric countershock
electric shock
electrical burn
electrocardiogram abnormal
electrocardiogram ambulatory
electrocardiogram ambulatory abnormal
electrocardiogram ambulatory normal
electrocardiogram change
electrocardiogram delta waves abnormal
electrocardiogram low voltage
electrocardiogram normal
electrocardiogram p pulmonale
electrocardiogram p wave abnormal
electrocardiogram p wave biphasic
electrocardiogram pacemaker spike
electrocardiogram poor r-wave progression
electrocardiogram pq interval
electrocardiogram pq interval prolonged
electrocardiogram pr prolongation
electrocardiogram pr shortened
electrocardiogram q wave abnormal
electrocardiogram q waves
electrocardiogram qrs complex
electrocardiogram qrs complex abnormal
electrocardiogram qrs complex prolonged
electrocardiogram qrs complex shortened
electrocardiogram qt interval
electrocardiogram qt interval abnormal
electrocardiogram qt prolonged
electrocardiogram qt shortened
electrocardiogram r on t phenomenon
electrocardiogram repolarisation abnormality
electrocardiogram rr interval prolonged
electrocardiogram st segment
electrocardiogram st segment abnormal
electrocardiogram st segment depression
electrocardiogram st segment elevation
electrocardiogram st-t change
electrocardiogram st-t segment abnormal
electrocardiogram st-t segment depression
electrocardiogram st-t segment elevation
electrocardiogram t wave abnormal
electrocardiogram t wave amplitude decreased
electrocardiogram t wave amplitude increased
electrocardiogram t wave biphasic
electrocardiogram t wave inversion
electrocardiogram t wave normal
electrocardiogram t wave peaked
electrocardiogram u-wave abnormality
electroconvulsive therapy
electroencephalogram abnormal
electrolyte depletion
electrolyte imbalance
electrolyte substitution therapy
electromechanical dissociation
electromyogram abnormal
electromyogram normal
electron radiation therapy to prostate
electron radiation therapy to skin
electronystagmogram abnormal
electrooculogram abnormal
electrophoresis abnormal
electrophoresis protein
electrophoresis protein abnormal
elevated mood
elliptocytosis hereditary
elliptocytosis, hereditary
elschnig's bodies
embolia cutis medicamentosa
embolic cerebral infarction
embolic pneumonia
embolic stroke
embolism and thrombosis of iliac artery
embolism and thrombosis of the renal vein
embolism arterial
embolism venous
embolism, paradoxical
embolism, tumor
embryonic cyst
emergency care
emergency care examination
emotional dependency
emotional disorder
emotional disorder of childhood
emotional distress
emotional poverty
emphysematous bulla
emphysematous cholecystitis
emphysematous cystitis
emphysematous pyelonephritis
employment dissatisfaction
empty sella syndrome
empyema drainage
empyema, gallbladder
empyema, pleural
empyema, subdural
enamel anomaly
encapsulation reaction
encephalitic infection
encephalitis allergic
encephalitis brain stem
encephalitis cytomegalovirus
encephalitis eastern equine
encephalitis enteroviral
encephalitis fungal
encephalitis haemorrhagic
encephalitis herpes
encephalitis influenzal
encephalitis japanese b
encephalitis lethargica
encephalitis meningococcal
encephalitis periaxialis diffusa
encephalitis post measles
encephalitis post varicella
encephalitis protozoal
encephalitis toxic
encephalitis viral
encephalitis western equine
encephalitis, st. louis
encephalomyelitis, acute disseminated
encephalopathy allergic
encephalopathy neonatal
encephalopathy, toxic
encopresis symptom
encounter due to economic problem
end stage aids
end-tidal co2 decreased
end-tidal co2 increased
endemic flea-borne typhus
endocardial disease
endocardial fibroelastosis
endocardial fibrosis
endocarditis bacterial
endocarditis candida
endocarditis enterococcal
endocarditis fibroplastica
endocarditis noninfective
endocarditis pseudomonal
endocarditis q fever
endocarditis staphylococcal
endocarditis viral
endocervical curettage
endocrine disorder
endocrine gland neoplasms
endocrine neoplasm
endocrine neoplasm malignant
endocrine ophthalmopathy
endocrine pancreatic disorder
endocrine system diseases
endocrine test
endocrine test abnormal
endocrine therapy
endocrine toxicity
endodontic procedure
endolymphatic hydrops
endometrial ablation
endometrial ablation techniques
endometrial adenocarcinoma
endometrial adenoma
endometrial atrophy
endometrial cancer
endometrial cancer metastatic
endometrial cancer recurrent
endometrial cancer stage 0
endometrial cancer stage i
endometrial cancer stage ii
endometrial cancer stage iii
endometrial cancer stage iv
endometrial carcinoma
endometrial disorder
endometrial dysplasia
endometrial hyperplasia
endometrial hypertrophy
endometrial hypoplasia
endometrial metaplasia
endometrial neoplasm
endometrial neoplasms
endometrial sarcoma
endometrial stromal sarcoma
endometriosis ablation
endometriosis, site unspecified
endometritis decidual
endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography abnormal
endoscopic ultrasound abnormal
endoscopy abnormal
endoscopy biliary tract
endoscopy biliary tract abnormal
endoscopy gastrointestinal
endoscopy gastrointestinal abnormal
endoscopy large bowel abnormal
endoscopy of trachea
endoscopy of urethra
endoscopy small intestine
endoscopy small intestine abnormal
endoscopy upper gastrointestinal tract
endoscopy upper gastrointestinal tract abnormal
endothelial dysfunction
endothelin abnormal
endothelin increased
endotoxic shock
endotracheal intubation
endotracheal intubation complication
endovenous ablation
enema administration
energy increased
engraft failure
engraftment syndrome
enlarged cerebral perivascular spaces
enlarged clitoris
enlarged heart
enlarged kidney
enlarged labia
enlarged submandibular lymph gland
enlarged uterus
enlarged uvula
ent examination
ent problem
enteral nutrition
enteric campylobacteriosis
enteritis infectious
enteritis leukopenic
enteritis necroticans
enterobacter bacteraemia
enterobacter infection
enterobacter pneumonia
enterobacter sepsis
enterobacter test positive
enterochromaffin cell hyperplasia
enterococcal bacteraemia
enterococcal infection
enterococcal sepsis
enterococcus test positive
enterocolic fistula
enterocolitis aids
enterocolitis bacterial
enterocolitis fungal
enterocolitis haemorrhagic
enterocolitis infectious
enterocolitis viral
enterocolonic fistula
enterocutaneous fistula
enteropathy-associated t-cell lymphoma
enterostomy closure
enterostomy procedure
enterovesical fistula
enterovirus heart infection
enterovirus infection
enterovirus infections
enterovirus test positive
enzymatic abnormality
enzyme abnormality
enzyme activity decreased
enzyme induction
enzyme inhibition
eosinophil cationic protein increased
eosinophil count
eosinophil count abnormal
eosinophil count decreased
eosinophil count increased
eosinophil count procedure
eosinophil percentage abnormal
eosinophil percentage decreased
eosinophil percentage increased
eosinophilia myalgia syndrome
eosinophilia, tropical
eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome
eosinophilic bronchitis
eosinophilic cellulitis
eosinophilic colitis
eosinophilic cystitis
eosinophilic esophagitis
eosinophilic fasciitis
eosinophilic leukaemia
eosinophilic leukemia
eosinophilic myocarditis
eosinophilic oesophagitis
eosinophilic pneumonia
eosinophilic pneumonia acute
eosinophilic pneumonia chronic
eosinophilic pustular folliculitis
eosinophilic pustulosis
eosinophils urine
eosinophils urine present
ependymoma malignant
epidemic nephropathy
epidemic pleurodynia
epidemic polyarthritis
epidermal growth factor receptor decreased
epidermal growth factor receptor increased
epidermal naevus
epidermal necrosis
epidermodysplasia verruciformis
epidermolysis bullosa
epidermolysis bullosa acquisita
epididymal cyst
epididymal disorder
epididymal enlargement
epididymal infection
epididymal neoplasm
epididymal pain
epididymal swelling
epididymal tenderness
epididymitis tuberculous
epidural abscess
epidural anaesthesia
epidural anesthesia
epidural lipomatosis
epigastric discomfort
epigastric pain
epiglottic carcinoma
epiglottic cyst
epiglottic erythema
epiglottic mass
epiglottic oedema
epiglottis ulcer
epiglottitis haemophilus
epilepsies, myoclonic
epilepsy congenital
epilepsy, frontal lobe
epilepsy, post-traumatic
epilepsy, temporal lobe
epileptic aura
epileptic automatism
epileptic drop attack
epileptic psychosis
epinephrine abnormal
epinephrine decreased
epinephrine increased
epiphyseal disorder
epiphyseal dysplasia, microcephaly, and nystagmus
epiphyseal fracture
epiphyseal injury
epiphyses delayed fusion
epiphyses premature fusion
epiphyses, slipped
epiploic appendagitis
epithelial ovarian cancer
epithelioid hemangioma of skin
epithelioid sarcoma
epithelioid sarcoma metastatic
epstein-barr viraemia
epstein-barr virus antibody
epstein-barr virus antibody negative
epstein-barr virus antibody positive
epstein-barr virus antigen positive
epstein-barr virus infection
epstein-barr virus infections
epstein-barr virus serology
epstein-barr virus test
epstein-barr virus test positive
equilibration disorder
erb's palsy
erb-duchenne paralysis
erdheim-chester disease
erectile dysfunction
erection increased
ergot poisoning
erosive balanitis
erosive duodenitis
erosive esophagitis
erosive oesophagitis
erosive vulvitis
erotomanic delusion
erysipelothrix infection
erythema ab igne
erythema annulare
erythema dyschromicum perstans
erythema elevatum diutinum
erythema induratum
erythema infectiosum
erythema marginatum
erythema migrans
erythema multiforme
erythema nodosum
erythema nodosum leprosum
erythema of acral regions
erythema of eyelid
erythema of fingers
erythema scarlatiniforme
erythema toxicum neonatorum
erythematous skin rashes
erythroblast count
erythroblast count decreased
erythroblast count increased
erythroblast morphology abnormal
erythroblastosis foetalis
erythroblastosis, fetal
erythrocyte mean corpuscular hemoglobin test
erythrocytic maturation arrest
erythrodermic psoriasis
erythroid maturation arrest
erythroid series abnormal
erythroplasia of penis
erythropoiesis abnormal
escherichia bacteraemia
escherichia infection
escherichia sepsis
escherichia test positive
escherichia urinary tract infection
escherichia vaginitis
esophageal achalasia
esophageal anastomosis finding
esophageal atresia
esophageal bleeding
esophageal carcinoma
esophageal colic
esophageal dysplasia
esophageal fistula
esophageal injury
esophageal mass
esophageal neoplasms
esophageal perforation
esophageal spasm
esophageal stenosis
esophagogastric fundoplasty
essential hypertension
essential thrombocythaemia
essential tremor
ethanol gelation test
ethanol gelation test positive
ethmoid sinus surgery
eubacterium infection
euphoric mood
eustachian tube disorder
eustachian tube dysfunction
eustachian tube obstruction
eustachian tube operation
eustachian tube patulous
eustachian tube stenosis
euthyroid sick syndrome
euthyroid sick syndromes
evacuation of retained products of conception
evacuation of subdural hematoma
evaluation procedure
evans syndrome
eventration procedure
ewing's sarcoma
ewing's sarcoma metastatic
ewing's sarcoma recurrent
ewings sarcoma
ex-drug abuser
ex-tobacco user
exaggerated startle response
exanthema subitum
excasberated condition
exceptionally large baby (disorder)
excessive day and night-time sleepiness
excessive daytime sleepiness - normal night sleep
excessive daytime somnolence
excessive exercise
excessive exercise (finding)
excessive eye blinking
excessive fluid intake - finding
excessive granulation tissue
excessive growth of body hair
excessive masturbation
excessive ocular convergence
excessive sexual fantasies
excessive skin
excessive snoring
excessive tearing
excessive thirst
exchange blood transfusion
exchange transfusion, whole blood
excision of ampulla of vater
excision of bone nos
excision of common bile duct
excision of esophagus and stomach nos
excision of jejunum nos
excision of joint
excision of mandible
excision of palatal lesion
excision of sigmoid colon nos
excision of ureter nos
excision of uvula
excision of vein
excision of vulva nos
excision or surgical removal of foreign body
exclamation mark hairs
excruciating pain
executive dysfunction
exercise adequate
exercise electrocardiogram
exercise electrocardiogram abnormal
exercise electrocardiogram normal
exercise lack of
exercise stress ecg test
exercise stress test
exercise test
exercise test abnormal
exercise tolerance decreased
exertional dizziness
exertional headache
exfoliative dermatitis
exfoliative rash
exocrine pancreatic function test abnormal
exophthalmos congenital
exophthalmos, unilateral
exostosis of external ear canal
expiratory polyphonic wheeze
expiratory reserve volume decreased
expired drug administered
explorative laparotomy
exploratory operation
exposed bone in jaw
exposure during breast feeding
exposure to allergen
exposure to chemical pollution
exposure to communicable disease
exposure to contaminated air
exposure to contaminated device
exposure to extreme temperature
exposure to noise
exposure to noise causing accidental injury
exposure to polluted air
exposure to radiation
exposure to toxic agent
exposure via semen
expressionless face
expressive language disorder
exstrophy of cloaca sequence
extensive interdialytic weight gain
extensive swelling of vaccinated limb
extensor plantar response
external auditory canal atresia
external ear cellulitis
external ear disorder
external ear inflammation
external ear lesion excision
external ear pain
external fixation of fracture
extra-osseous ewing's sarcoma
extra-osseous ewing's sarcoma recurrent
extracorporeal circulation
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
extracorporeal shock wave therapy
extradural abscess
extradural haematoma
extragonadal primary malignant teratoma
extramammary paget's disease
extramedullary haemopoiesis
extranodal marginal zone b-cell lymphoma (malt type)
extranodal marginal zone b-cell lymphoma (malt type) stage i
extranodal marginal zone b-cell lymphoma (malt type) stage ii
extranodal nk/t-cell lymphoma, nasal type
extraocular muscle disorder
extraocular muscle paresis
extraocular muscle tenotomy
extraosseous ewings sarcoma-primitive neuroepithelial tumor
extrapulmonary histoplasmosis
extrapulmonary tuberculosis
extrapyramidal disorder
extrapyramidal disorders
extrapyramidal gait
extrapyramidal sign
extraskeletal ossification
extraskeletal osteosarcoma
extravasation blood
extravasation of lymph
extravasation of urine
extravascular haemolysis
extravascular hemolysis
extreme exhaustion
extremity contracture
extremity necrosis
extrinsic allergic alveolitis
extrinsic iliac vein compression
exudative retinopathy
eye abnormalities
eye abscess
eye allergy
eye burns
eye complication associated with device
eye degenerative disorder
eye discharge
eye disorder
eye excision
eye foreign bodies
eye haemorrhage
eye infection
eye infection bacterial
eye infection chlamydial
eye infection fungal
eye infection intraocular
eye infection staphylococcal
eye infection syphilitic
eye infection toxoplasmal
eye infection viral
eye infections
eye inflammation
eye injuries
eye injury
eye irrigation
eye irritation
eye laser scar
eye laser surgery
eye luxation
eye movement disorder
eye muscle entrapment
eye muscle operation
eye muscle tenotomy
eye naevus
eye neoplasms
eye oedema
eye operation
eye operation complication
eye pain
eye penetration
eye pressure
eye prosthesis insertion
eye prosthesis user
eye pruritus
eye swelling
eyeball avulsion
eyeball rupture
eyeglasses therapy
eyelash discolouration
eyelash thickening
eyelid bleeding
eyelid burning sensation
eyelid cyst
eyelid diseases
eyelid disorder
eyelid erosion
eyelid exfoliation
eyelid folliculitis
eyelid function disorder
eyelid infection
eyelid injury
eyelid irritation
eyelid margin crusting
eyelid oedema
eyelid operation
eyelid pain
eyelid pruritus
eyelid ptosis
eyelid ptosis congenital
eyelid retraction
eyelid sensory disorder
eyelid tumour
eyelid vascular anomalies
eyelid vascular disorder
eyelids pruritus
eyes sunken
fabry disease
fabry's disease
face and mouth x-ray
face and mouth x-ray abnormal
face injury
face lift
face oedema
face presentation
face presentation nos
facet joint block
facet joint pain
facet joint syndrome
facial asymmetry
facial bones fracture
facial edema
facial grimacing
facial hemiatrophy
facial injuries
facial muscle spasm
facial nerve diseases
facial nerve disorder
facial neuralgia
facial operation
facial pain
facial paralysis
facial paresis
facial spasm
facial tenderness
facial wasting
facies bovina
facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
factitious disorder
factitious disorders
factitious skin disease
factor ii deficiency
factor ii mutation
factor ix deficiency
factor ix inhibition
factor v deficiency
factor v inhibition
factor v leiden mutation
factor vii deficiency
factor viii deficiency
factor viii inhibition
factor x deficiency
factor xi deficiency
factor xii deficiency
factor xiii deficiency
factor xiii inhibition
faecal disimpaction
faecal fat increased
faecal incontinence
faecal volume decreased
faecal volume increased
faecal vomiting
faeces discoloured
faeces hard
faeces pale
fahr's disease
failed drug test
failed examinations
failed exams
failed forceps delivery
failed forceps unspecified
failed induction of labor
failed induction of labour
failed trial of labor nos
failed trial of labour
failure of child resistant mechanism for pharmaceutical product
failure of penetration
failure to anastomose
failure to gain weight
failure to grow hair
failure to thrive
fallopian tube abscess
fallopian tube cancer
fallopian tube cancer metastatic
fallopian tube cancer stage iii
fallopian tube cancer stage iv
fallopian tube carcinoma
fallopian tube cyst
fallopian tube diseases
fallopian tube disorder
fallopian tube neoplasm
fallopian tube neoplasms
fallopian tube obstruction
fallopian tube operation
fallopian tube perforation
fallopian tube stenosis
fallot's tetralogy
false labor
false labour
false negative investigation result
false negative pregnancy test
false positive investigation result
false positive pregnancy test
false positive tuberculosis test
false uterine contraction
familial amyloid nephropathy with urticaria and deafness
familial benign pemphigus
familial erythrocytosis
familial hemiplegic migraine
familial hypertriglyceridaemia
familial mediterranean fever
familial periodic paralysis
familial polycythaemia
familial risk factor
familial tremor
family stress
family tension
fanconi syndrome
fanconi syndrome acquired
fascia release
fascial hernia
fascial infection
fascial operation
fasciitis with eosinophilia syndrome
fasciitis, plantar
fast heart rate (symptom)
fat embolism
fat embolism (disorder)
fat intolerance
fat necrosis
fat necrosis of breast
fat redistribution
fat tissue increased
fatty acid deficiency
fatty food intolerance
fatty liver
fatty liver alcoholic
fatty liver of pregnancy
fear (mental process)
fear of animals
fear of cancer of endocrine system
fear of crowded places
fear of crowds
fear of death
fear of disease
fear of eating
fear of falling
fear of heights
fear of needles
fear of open spaces
fear of other musculoskeletal disease
fear of pregnancy
fear of weight gain
fear other genital/breast disease
febrile bone marrow aplasia
febrile convulsion
febrile convulsions
febrile infection
febrile neutropenia
febrile nonhaemolytic transfusion reaction
fecal analysis procedure
fecal impaction
fecal incontinence
fecal occult blood test
feces color: tarry
feces discolored
feeding disorder
feeding disorder neonatal
feeding disorder of infancy or early childhood
feeding problem in child
feeding tube complication
feeling abnormal
feeling anxious/nervous/tense
feeling calm
feeling cold
feeling depressed
feeling despair
feeling detached
feeling drunk
feeling feverish
feeling guilty
feeling hot
feeling intoxicated
feeling jittery
feeling nervous
feeling of body temperature change
feeling of despair
feeling of lump in throat
feeling of relaxation
feeling of sand or foreign body in eye
feeling of throat tightness
feeling sick
feeling strange
feeling suicidal (finding)
feeling tense
feeling tired
feeling/behaving irritable
feelings of worthlessness
feels hot/feverish
felt faint
felty's syndrome
female breast disorders
female genital operation
female genital organs x-ray abnormal
female genital tract fistula
female genital tract tuberculosis
female orgasmic disorder
female pattern alopecia
female reproductive neoplasm
female sex hormone level abnormal
female sexual arousal disorder
female sexual dysfunction
female sterilisation
female sterilization
feminisation acquired
femoral anteversion
femoral arterial stenosis
femoral artery aneurysm
femoral artery dissection
femoral artery embolism
femoral artery occlusion
femoral bruit
femoral bruit present
femoral fractures
femoral hernia
femoral hernia repair
femoral hernia, obstructive
femoral neck fracture
femoral neck fractures
femoral nerve injury
femoral nerve palsy
femoral neuropathy
femoral pulse
femoral pulse abnormal
femoral pulse decreased
femur fracture
fertility increased
fertilization in vitro
fetal alcohol syndrome
fetal extension
fetal hemoglobin
fetal membranes, premature rupture
fetal monitoring
fetal rbc determination
fetal valproate syndrome
fetishism (psychiatric)
fetomaternal transfusion
fever and other physiologic disturbances of temperature regulation
fever neonatal
fever of the newborn
fever with chills
fever, catarrhal, acute
fibrillary glomerulonephritis
fibrin abnormal
fibrin d dimer
fibrin d dimer decreased
fibrin d dimer increased
fibrin d dimer normal
fibrin decreased
fibrin degradation products
fibrin degradation products increased
fibrin degradation products normal
fibrin increased
fibrin split products
fibrinolysis abnormal
fibrinolysis increased
fibrinous bronchitis
fibroadenoma of breast
fibrocystic breast disease
fibroid tumor
fibroma of ovary
fibromuscular dysplasia
fibronectin increased
fibrosclerosis of breast
fibrosing colonopathy
fibrosis of mediastinum
fibrosis of mesentery
fibrosis of pelvic cavity
fibrosis of urinary bladder
fibrosis tendinous
fibrosis, liver
fibrous cortical defect
fibrous dysplasia of bone
fibrous histiocytoma
fibrous histiocytoma of tendon sheath
fibula agenesis
fibula fracture
fibular drift
fight in school
figo stage iii carcinoma of the fallopian tube
finding of drug level
finding relating to fit
fine motor delay
fine tremor
finger amputation
finger deformity
finger hyperesthesia
finger hypoplasia
finger repair operation
fingerprint loss
firesetting behavior
first metatarsophalangeal joint pain
first trimester pregnancy
first use syndrome
fissure of tongue, congenital
fissured tongue
fistula discharge
fistula of gallbladder
fistula of intestine, excluding rectum and anus
fistula of the female genital organs
fistula repair
fitz-hugh-curtis syndrome
fixed eruption
fixed pupils
flaccid muscle tone
flaccid paralysis
flaccid quadriplegia
flail chest
flank pain
flasher - visual manifestation
flat affect
flat anterior chamber of eye
flat chest
flatulence &/or wind (& [symptom: [belching] or [bloating] or [eructation] or [flatulence] or [wind]])
flavivirus infection
flavivirus infections
flavivirus test positive
flavobacterium infection
flavobacterium test positive
flea infestation
flight of ideas
floating feeling
floating patella
floppy infant
floppy infant syndrome
floppy iris syndrome
floppy muscles
flour sensitivity
flu-like illness nos
fluid imbalance
fluid intake reduced
fluid intake restriction
fluid overload
fluid replacement
fluid retention
fluid volume disorder
fluorescent in situ hybridisation
fluoride increased
fluoride poisoning
fluoroscopic cardiac ventriculography (procedure)
foaming at mouth
focal glomerulosclerosis
focal infection
focal nodular hyperplasia
focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
foetal acidosis
foetal alcohol syndrome
foetal anticonvulsant syndrome
foetal arrhythmia
foetal cardiac disorder
foetal cerebrovascular disorder
foetal chromosome abnormality
foetal cystic hygroma
foetal damage
foetal death
foetal disorder
foetal distress syndrome
foetal exposure during pregnancy
foetal growth restriction
foetal haemoglobin
foetal haemoglobin decreased
foetal haemoglobin increased
foetal heart rate
foetal heart rate abnormal
foetal heart rate deceleration
foetal heart rate decreased
foetal heart rate disorder
foetal heart rate increased
foetal hypokinesia
foetal macrosomia
foetal malformation
foetal malnutrition
foetal malposition
foetal malpresentation
foetal monitoring
foetal warfarin syndrome
foetal-maternal haemorrhage
foetor hepaticus
folate deficiency
folic acid deficiency
follicle centre lymphoma diffuse small cell lymphoma
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii recurrent
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii refractory
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii stage i
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii stage ii
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii stage iii
follicle centre lymphoma, follicular grade i, ii, iii stage iv
follicular mucinosis
follicular thyroid carcinoma
fontanelle bulging
fontanelle depressed
food allergy
food aversion
food craving
food hoarding
food interaction
food interactions
food intolerance
food poisoning
foot amputation
foot and mouth disease
foot deformities
foot deformity
foot fracture
foot joint laxity
foot joint pain
foot operation
foot pain
foot problems
foot-and-mouth disease
foramen magnum stenosis
forced expiratory volume abnormal
forced expiratory volume decreased
forced expiratory volume increased
forceps delivery
forearm fracture
forearm pain
foreign body
foreign body aspiration
foreign body in eye
foreign body reaction
foreign body sensation in eyes
foreign travel
foreign-body reaction
form of muscle
former smoker
foster care
foster care family
foster-kennedy syndrome
fraction of inspired oxygen
fracture delayed union
fracture displacement
fracture fixation, internal
fracture malunion
fracture nonunion
fracture of acetabulum
fracture of ankle, nos
fracture of clavicle
fracture of distal end of radius and ulna
fracture of fibula
fracture of foot
fracture of forearm
fracture of hand
fracture of ilium
fracture of lumbar spine
fracture of pelvis nos
fracture of penis
fracture of scapula nos
fracture of upper limb nos
fracture reduction
fracture treatment
fracture, impacted
fracture, incomplete
fractured coccyx
fractured ischium
fractured sacrum
fractured skull depressed
fractured zygomatic arch elevation
fractures, compression
fractures, open
fragile x syndrome
free fatty acids abnormal
free fatty acids increased
free haemoglobin present
free prostate-specific antigen decreased
free prostate-specific antigen increased
free prostate-specific antigen positive
free thyroxine index decreased
free thyroxine index increased
freeing of tendon nos
freezing phenomenon
frequent bowel movements
frequent headaches
frequent urination
friedreich ataxia
friedreich's ataxia
frontal headache
frontal lobe epilepsy
frontal sinus operation
frontotemporal dementia
fructosamine decreased
fructosamine increased
fructosediphosphate aldolase
fuchs' syndrome
full blood count
full blood count abnormal
full blood count decreased
full blood count increased
functional gastrointestinal disorder
functional residual capacity abnormal
functional residual capacity decreased
functionless pituitary adenoma
fundoscopy abnormal
fundus coloboma
fungal abscess central nervous system
fungal cystitis
fungal endocarditis
fungal esophagitis
fungal infection
fungal infection of lung
fungal oesophagitis
fungal peritonitis
fungal rhinitis
fungal sepsis
fungal skin infection
fungal test
fungal test positive
funisitis (disorder)
funnel chest acquired
fusarium infection
fusobacterium infection
fusobacterium infections
gait abnormality
gait apraxia
gait deviation
gait disturbance
gait spastic
gait, rigid
galactorrhea associated with childbirth
galactorrhea not associated with childbirth
galactose intolerance
galactose urine increased
gall bladder diseases
gallbladder abscess
gallbladder anomaly congenital
gallbladder cancer
gallbladder cancer metastatic
gallbladder cancer recurrent
gallbladder cancer stage i
gallbladder cancer stage iii
gallbladder cancer stage iv
gallbladder cholesterolosis
gallbladder disorder
gallbladder empyema
gallbladder enlargement
gallbladder fistula
gallbladder injury
gallbladder necrosis
gallbladder non-functioning
gallbladder obstruction
gallbladder oedema
gallbladder operation
gallbladder pain
gallbladder perforation
gallbladder polyp
gallop rhythm present
gallstone ileus
gambling, pathological
gamma butyric dehydrogenase increased
gamma radiation therapy
gamma radiation therapy to brain
gamma-glutamyl transferase
gamma-glutamyl transferase raised
gamma-glutamyltransferase abnormal
gamma-glutamyltransferase decreased
gamma-glutamyltransferase increase
gamma-glutamyltransferase increased
gamma-glutamyltransferase normal
gangrene of scrotum
gardnerella infection
gardnerella test positive
gas &or bloating
gas gangrene
gas poisoning
gas retention
gasping for breath
gastric adenoma
gastric antral vascular ectasia
gastric atony
gastric banding
gastric banding reversal
gastric bypass
gastric cancer
gastric cancer recurrent
gastric cancer stage 0
gastric cancer stage i
gastric cancer stage ii
gastric cancer stage iii
gastric cancer stage iv
gastric cyst
gastric dilatation
gastric disorder
gastric distention
gastric dysplasia
gastric emptying study
gastric fistula
gastric fluid analysis abnormal
gastric haemorrhage
gastric hemorrhage
gastric hypermotility
gastric hypertonia
gastric hypomotility
gastric ileus
gastric infection
gastric irritation
gastric lavage
gastric lavage abnormal
gastric mucosa erythema
gastric mucosal hypertrophy
gastric mucosal lesion
gastric neoplasm
gastric obstruction
gastric occult blood positive
gastric operation
gastric perforation
gastric ph decreased
gastric ph increased
gastric polypectomy
gastric polyps
gastric sarcoma
gastric stapling
gastric stapling reversal
gastric stenosis
gastric tonus
gastric ulcer
gastric ulcer haemorrhage
gastric ulcer haemorrhage, obstructive
gastric ulcer helicobacter
gastric ulcer perforation
gastric ulcer perforation, obstructive
gastric ulcer surgery
gastric varices
gastric varices haemorrhage
gastric varix
gastric volvulus
gastric xanthoma
gastrin secretion disorder
gastritis alcoholic
gastritis atrophic
gastritis bacterial
gastritis erosive
gastritis fungal
gastritis haemorrhagic
gastritis helminthic
gastritis herpes
gastritis hypertrophic
gastritis viral
gastritis, atrophic
gastritis, hypertrophic
gastrocardiac syndrome
gastroduodenal haemorrhage
gastroduodenal ulcer
gastroduodenitis haemorrhagic
gastroduodenitis unspecified
gastroenteritis adenovirus
gastroenteritis aerobacter
gastroenteritis bacillus
gastroenteritis bacterial
gastroenteritis caliciviral
gastroenteritis clostridial
gastroenteritis cryptococcal
gastroenteritis cryptosporidial
gastroenteritis eosinophilic
gastroenteritis escherichia coli
gastroenteritis norovirus
gastroenteritis proteus
gastroenteritis pseudomonas
gastroenteritis radiation
gastroenteritis rotavirus
gastroenteritis salmonella
gastroenteritis shigella
gastroenteritis staphylococcal
gastroenteritis vibrio
gastroenteritis viral
gastroenteritis yersinia
gastroesophageal reflux disease
gastrointestinal amyloidosis
gastrointestinal anastomotic leak
gastrointestinal angiodysplasia
gastrointestinal angiodysplasia haemorrhagic
gastrointestinal anthrax
gastrointestinal arteriovenous malformation
gastrointestinal bacterial infection
gastrointestinal cancer metastatic
gastrointestinal candidiasis
gastrointestinal carcinoma
gastrointestinal carcinoma in situ
gastrointestinal diseases
gastrointestinal disorder
gastrointestinal disorder congenital
gastrointestinal disorder postoperative
gastrointestinal disorder therapy
gastrointestinal dysplasia
gastrointestinal endoscopic therapy
gastrointestinal erosion
gastrointestinal examination
gastrointestinal fistula
gastrointestinal fungal infection
gastrointestinal gangrene
gastrointestinal haemorrhage
gastrointestinal hemorrhage
gastrointestinal hypermotility
gastrointestinal hypomotility
gastrointestinal infection
gastrointestinal inflammation
gastrointestinal injury
gastrointestinal intraepithelial neoplasia
gastrointestinal ischaemia
gastrointestinal malformation
gastrointestinal motility disorder
gastrointestinal mucosal disorder
gastrointestinal mucosal exfoliation
gastrointestinal mucosal necrosis
gastrointestinal mucositis
gastrointestinal necrosis
gastrointestinal neoplasm
gastrointestinal neoplasms
gastrointestinal obstruction
gastrointestinal oedema
gastrointestinal pain
gastrointestinal perforation
gastrointestinal protozoal infection
gastrointestinal sensation unchanged
gastrointestinal sounds abnormal
gastrointestinal stenosis
gastrointestinal stoma complication
gastrointestinal stromal tumors
gastrointestinal stromal tumour
gastrointestinal surgery
gastrointestinal surgical procedure
gastrointestinal symptoms nos
gastrointestinal telangiectasia
gastrointestinal toxicity
gastrointestinal tract adenoma
gastrointestinal tract irritation
gastrointestinal tract mucosal discoloration
gastrointestinal tract mucosal discolouration
gastrointestinal tract mucosal pigmentation
gastrointestinal tube insertion
gastrointestinal tube removal
gastrointestinal ulcer
gastrointestinal ulcer haemorrhage
gastrointestinal ulcer perforation
gastrointestinal vascular malformation
gastrointestinal viral infection
gastrooesophageal cancer
gastrooesophageal heterotopia
gastrooesophageal reflux disease
gastrooesophageal reflux prophylaxis
gastrooesophageal sphincter insufficiency
gastroparesis postoperative
gastropleural fistula
gastrosplenic fistula
gastrostomy closure
gastrostomy failure
gastrostomy tube insertion
gaucher disease
gaucher's disease
gaze palsy
gender identity disorder
gene mutation
gene mutation identification test
gene mutation identification test positive
general anaesthesia
general anesthesia
general hair removal - epilation
general physical condition
general physical condition abnormal
general physical condition normal
general physical health deterioration
general sign qualifications
general symptom
general symptom nos
generalised anxiety disorder
generalised erythema
generalised non-convulsive epilepsy
generalised oedema
generalised resistance to thyroid hormone
generalized aches and pains
generalized anxiety disorder
generalized fatigue
generalized headache
generalized muscle aches
generalized muscle weakness
generalized nonconvulsive seizure disorder
generalized pruritus
genetic counseling
genetic counselling
genital abscess
genital burning sensation
genital candidiasis
genital cyst
genital discharge
genital discomfort
genital disorder female
genital disorder male
genital edema
genital erosion
genital erythema
genital haemorrhage
genital herpes
genital hypoaesthesia
genital infection
genital infection bacterial
genital infection female
genital infection fungal
genital infection male
genital infection viral
genital injury
genital labial adhesions
genital lesion
genital neoplasm malignant female
genital neoplasm malignant male
genital pain
genital prolapse
genital rash
genital shrinkage
genital swelling
genital tract inflammation
genital ulceration
genital ulcerations
genitalia external ambiguous
genitalia external painful
genitourinary chlamydia infection
genitourinary fistula
genitourinary operation
genitourinary symptoms nos
genitourinary tract gonococcal infection
genitourinary tract infection
genitourinary tract neoplasm
genotype drug resistance test
genotype drug resistance test abnormal
genotype drug resistance test negative
genotype drug resistance test positive
geotrichum infection
germ cell cancer
germ cell cancer metastatic
gerstmann syndrome
gerstmann's syndrome
gestational diabetes
gestational edema
gestational hypertension
gestational oedema
gestational trophoblastic detachment
gestational trophoblastic neoplasms
gestational trophoblastic tumour
gets drowsiness
gi amyloid
gianotti-crosti syndrome
giant cell epulis
giant cell tumour of tendon sheath
giant papillary conjunctivitis
gilbert disease (disorder)
gilbert's syndrome
gilles de la tourette syndrome
gingival abscess
gingival atrophy
gingival bleeding
gingival blister
gingival cancer
gingival cyst
gingival discoloration
gingival discolouration
gingival diseases
gingival disorder
gingival edema
gingival erosion
gingival erythema
gingival graft
gingival hemorrhage
gingival hyperpigmentation
gingival hyperplasia
gingival hypertrophy
gingival hypoplasia
gingival infection
gingival injury
gingival odontogenic cyst
gingival oedema
gingival operation
gingival pain
gingival polyp
gingival pruritus
gingival recession
gingival swelling
gingival ulceration
gingivitis ulcerative
gingivostomatitis, herpetic
gitelman's syndrome
glabellar reflex abnormal
glasgow coma scale
glaucoma surgery
glaucoma, open-angle
glaucomatocyclitic crises
glaucomatocyclitic crisis
glaucomatous optic disc atrophy
glial scar
glioblastoma multiforme
gliomatosis cerebri
glioneuronal tumour
global amnesia
globoid cell leukodystrophy
globulin abnormal
globulin urine present
globulins decreased
globulins increased
globus sensation
glomerular basement membrane antibody
glomerular filtration rate
glomerular filtration rate abnormal
glomerular filtration rate decreased
glomerular filtration rate increased
glomerular vascular disorder
glomerulonephritis acute
glomerulonephritis chronic
glomerulonephritis membranoproliferative
glomerulonephritis membranous
glomerulonephritis minimal lesion
glomerulonephritis proliferative
glomerulonephritis rapidly progressive
glomerulosclerosis (disorder)
glomus jugulare tumour
glomus tumor
glomus tumour
glossitis, benign migratory
glossopharyngeal nerve diseases
glossopharyngeal nerve disorder
glossopharyngeal nerve paralysis
glossopharyngeal neuralgia
glottis carcinoma
glucocorticoids abnormal
glucocorticoids decreased
glucocorticoids increased
glucose tolerance decreased
glucose tolerance impaired
glucose tolerance impaired in pregnancy
glucose tolerance increased
glucose tolerance test abnormal
glucose tolerance test normal
glucose urine
glucose urine present
glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase abnormal
glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
glutamate dehydrogenase increased
glutamate dehydrogenase level abnormal
glutathione decreased
gluten free diet
glycogen storage disease type i
glycogen storage disease type ii
glycogen storage disease type v
glycogen storage disease type viii
glycogen storage disorder
glycosuria during pregnancy
glycosuria, renal
glycosylated haemoglobin
glycosylated haemoglobin decreased
glycosylated haemoglobin increased
goitre congenital
goldenhar syndrome
gonadal dysgenesis
gonadotrophin deficiency
goodell's sign
goodpasture's syndrome
gouty arthritis
gouty tophus
graft complication
graft delamination
graft dysfunction
graft haemorrhage
graft infection
graft ischaemia
graft loss
graft occlusion, vascular
graft overgrowth
graft rejection
graft thrombosis
graft versus host disease
graft versus host disease in intestine
graft versus host disease in liver
graft versus host disease in lung
graft versus host disease in skin
graft-vs-host disease
grafting of cartilage
grafting of tendon
gram stain negative
gram stain positive
grand mal convulsion
grandiose delusions
granular cell tumor
granular cell tumour
granulocyte count
granulocyte count decreased
granulocyte count increased
granulocytes abnormal
granulocytes maturation arrest
granulocytic sarcoma
granulocytopenia neonatal
granuloma annulare
granuloma inguinale
granuloma skin
granuloma, laryngeal
granulomatous cheilitis
granulomatous disease, chronic
granulomatous liver disease
granulomatous pneumonitis
graves disease
gravitational oedema
greasy hair
greasy skin
green nipple discharge
greenstick fracture
greig's syndrome
grey syndrome neonatal
grief reaction
grip strength
grip strength decreased
groin abscess
groin infection
groin pain
gross motor delay
group b streptococcus neonatal sepsis
growing pains
growth accelerated
growth hormone deficiency
growth hormone-producing pituitary tumour
growth of eyelashes
growth retardation
growths on both sclerae
grunting respiration
guillain-barre syndrome
gum injury
gun shot wound
gunshot wound
gustometry abnormal
guttate psoriasis
gynaecological chlamydia infection
gynaecological examination
gynaecological examination abnormal
h1n1 influenza
habitual abortion
haemangioma congenital
haemangioma of liver
haemangioma of retina
haemangioma of skin
haemangioma of spleen
haemangioma removal
haemangioma-thrombocytopenia syndrome
haematocrit abnormal
haematocrit decreased
haematocrit increased
haematocrit normal
haematological malignancy
haematology test
haematology test abnormal
haematoma evacuation
haematoma infection
haematopoietic neoplasm
haematopoietic stem cell mobilisation
haematuria traumatic
haemodialysis complication
haemodialysis-induced symptom
haemodynamic instability
haemodynamic rebound
haemodynamic test abnormal
haemodynamic test normal
haemoglobin abnormal
haemoglobin decreased
haemoglobin increased
haemoglobin s decreased
haemoglobin s increased
haemoglobin urine
haemoglobin urine present
haemolysis neonatal
haemolytic anaemia
haemolytic anaemia enzyme specific
haemolytic icteroanaemia
haemolytic transfusion reaction
haemolytic uraemic syndrome
haemophilia a with anti factor viii
haemophilus bacteraemia
haemophilus infection
haemophilus infections
haemophilus sepsis
haemophilus test positive
haemorrhage coronary artery
haemorrhage foetal
haemorrhage in pregnancy
haemorrhage intracranial
haemorrhage neonatal
haemorrhage subcutaneous
haemorrhage subepidermal
haemorrhage urinary tract
haemorrhagic anaemia
haemorrhagic arteriovenous malformation
haemorrhagic ascites
haemorrhagic cerebral infarction
haemorrhagic cyst
haemorrhagic diathesis
haemorrhagic disease of newborn
haemorrhagic disorder
haemorrhagic erosive gastritis
haemorrhagic fever
haemorrhagic hepatic cyst
haemorrhagic infarction
haemorrhagic ovarian cyst
haemorrhagic stroke
haemorrhagic transformation stroke
haemorrhagic tumour necrosis
haemorrhagic urticaria
haemorrhoid infection
haemorrhoid operation
haemorrhoidal haemorrhage
hair colour changes
hair diseases
hair disorder
hair dye user
hair follicle tumour benign
hair growth abnormal
hair metal test
hair metal test abnormal
hair texture abnormal
hairy cell leukaemia
hairy cell leukemia
hallucination, auditory
hallucination, gustatory
hallucination, olfactory
hallucination, synaesthetic
hallucination, tactile
hallucination, visual
hallucinations, auditory
hallucinations, gustatory
hallucinations, hypnagogic
hallucinations, hypnapompic
hallucinations, mixed
hallucinations, olfactory
hallucinations, somatic
hallucinations, tactile
hallucinations, verbal auditory
hallucinations, visual
halo vision
hamartoma vascular
hamman-rich syndrome
hand amputation
hand deformities
hand deformity
hand eczema
hand fracture
hand joint laxity
hand joint pain
hand movement pain
hand pain
hand problems
hand repair operation
hand, foot and mouth disease
hand-foot-and-mouth disease
hang nail
hangover (excluding alcohol)
hangover from any alcohol or other drugs substance
hantaviral infection
haptoglobin abnormal
haptoglobin decreased
haptoglobin increased
harlequin change
harsh voice quality
hartnup disease
has tingling sensation
hbv-dna polymerase increased
head and neck cancer
head banging
head circumference abnormal
head deformity
head discomfort
head injury
head lag
head lag abnormal
head pressure sensation
head titubation
headache associated with sexual activity
headache fullness
headache occurring
headache recurrent
headache severe
hearing aid user
hearing disability
hearing impaired
hearing impairment
hearing loss, mixed conductive-sensorineural
hearing loss, sudden
hearing symptoms
heart alternation
heart and lung transplant
heart aneurysm
heart arrest, induced
heart attack
heart block congenital
heart disease congenital
heart failure, right-sided
heart function tests
heart injuries
heart injury
heart massage
heart murmur
heart murmur, categorized by configuration
heart rate
heart rate abnormal
heart rate decreased
heart rate increased
heart rate irregular
heart septal defects
heart sounds abnormal
heart transplant
heart transplant rejection
heart transplantation
heart valve calcification
heart valve explantation
heart valve incompetence
heart valve operation
heart valve regurgitation
heart valve replacement
heart valve replacement (procedure)
heart valve stenosis
heart-lung transplant rejection
heart-lung transplantation
heat cramps
heat edema
heat exhaustion
heat illness
heat oedema
heat rash
heat stroke
heat therapy
heavier menses
heaviness in limbs
heavy chain disease
heavy head
heel pain
helicobacter gastritis
helicobacter infection
helicobacter infections
helicobacter sepsis
helicobacter test
helicobacter test negative
helicobacter test positive
helicobacter-associated gastritis
hellp syndrome
helminthic infection
hemangioma of liver
hemangioma of retina
hemangioma of skin
hemangioma of spleen
hemangiopericytoma, malignant
hematocrit procedure
hematologic tests
hematological disease
hematoma of scrotum
hematoma, subdural
hematopoietic neoplasms
hemianopia heteronymous
hemianopia homonymous
hemiplegia and hemiparesis
hemiplegia, transient
hemisensory neglect
hemivertebra nos
hemodynamic instability
hemoglobin ss disease with crisis
hemoglobin, glycosylated
hemolytic transfusion reaction
hemolytic-uremic syndrome
hemophilia a
hemophilia b
hemorrhage from ureter
hemorrhage in optic nerve sheaths
hemorrhage of colon
hemorrhage of eyelid
hemorrhage of kidney
hemorrhage of liver
hemorrhage of prostate
hemorrhage of testis
hemorrhage of thyroid
hemorrhagic ascites
hemorrhagic cerebral infarction
hemorrhagic cyst
hemorrhagic cyst of ovary
hemorrhagic cystitis
hemorrhagic duodenitis
hemorrhagic fever, crimean
hemorrhagic gastritis
hemorrhoid operation
hemostatic function
henoch-schoenlein purpura
henoch-schonlein purpura
henoch-schonlein purpura nephritis
hepaplastin abnormal
hepaplastin decreased
hepaplastin increased
heparin resistance
heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
heparin-induced thrombocytopenia test
heparin-induced thrombocytopenia with thrombosis
hepatic adenoma
hepatic amoebiasis
hepatic angiosarcoma
hepatic arteriovenous malformation
hepatic artery aneurysm
hepatic artery embolism
hepatic artery occlusion
hepatic artery stenosis
hepatic artery thrombosis
hepatic atrophy
hepatic calcification
hepatic cancer metastatic
hepatic cancer stage i
hepatic cancer stage ii
hepatic cancer stage iv
hepatic candidiasis
hepatic cirrhosis
hepatic coma
hepatic congestion
hepatic cyst
hepatic cyst infection
hepatic cyst ruptured
hepatic displacement
hepatic dysplasia
hepatic echinococciasis
hepatic embolisation
hepatic encephalopathy
hepatic enzyme
hepatic enzyme abnormal
hepatic enzyme decreased
hepatic enzyme increased
hepatic failure
hepatic fibrosis
hepatic function abnormal
hepatic haemangioma rupture
hepatic haematoma
hepatic haemorrhage
hepatic hydrothorax
hepatic infarction
hepatic infection
hepatic infection bacterial
hepatic infection fungal
hepatic infection helminthic
hepatic infiltration eosinophilic
hepatic ischaemia
hepatic lesion
hepatic mass
hepatic methionine adenosyltransferase deficiency
hepatic necrosis
hepatic neoplasm
hepatic neoplasm malignant
hepatic neoplasm malignant non-resectable
hepatic neoplasm malignant recurrent
hepatic neoplasm malignant resectable
hepatic pain
hepatic rupture
hepatic siderosis
hepatic steatosis
hepatic vein dilatation
hepatic vein occlusion
hepatic vein stenosis
hepatic vein thrombosis
hepatic veno-occlusive disease
hepatitis a
hepatitis a antibody
hepatitis a antibody abnormal
hepatitis a antibody negative
hepatitis a antibody positive
hepatitis a antigen positive
hepatitis a virus
hepatitis a virus antibodies
hepatitis a virus test
hepatitis a virus test positive
hepatitis acute
hepatitis alcoholic
hepatitis b
hepatitis b antibodies
hepatitis b antibody
hepatitis b antibody abnormal
hepatitis b antibody negative
hepatitis b antibody positive
hepatitis b antigen positive
hepatitis b core antibody
hepatitis b core antibody negative
hepatitis b core antibody positive
hepatitis b core antigen
hepatitis b core antigen positive
hepatitis b dna assay
hepatitis b dna assay positive
hepatitis b dna increased
hepatitis b e antibody positive
hepatitis b e antigen
hepatitis b e antigen positive
hepatitis b e antigens
hepatitis b surface antibody
hepatitis b surface antibody positive
hepatitis b surface antigen
hepatitis b surface antigen negative
hepatitis b surface antigen positive
hepatitis b surface antigens
hepatitis b test negative
hepatitis b virus
hepatitis b virus test
hepatitis b virus test positive
hepatitis c
hepatitis c antibodies
hepatitis c antibody
hepatitis c antibody positive
hepatitis c rna
hepatitis c rna increased
hepatitis c rna negative
hepatitis c rna positive
hepatitis c test negative
hepatitis c virus
hepatitis c virus test
hepatitis c virus test positive
hepatitis cholestatic
hepatitis chronic active
hepatitis chronic persistent
hepatitis d
hepatitis d infection
hepatitis e
hepatitis e antibody
hepatitis e antibody positive
hepatitis e antigen
hepatitis e antigen positive
hepatitis fulminant
hepatitis g
hepatitis infectious
hepatitis infectious mononucleosis
hepatitis neonatal
hepatitis non-a non-b
hepatitis non-a non-b non-c
hepatitis post transfusion
hepatitis syphilitic
hepatitis toxic
hepatitis viral
hepatitis, autoimmune
hepatitis, chronic
hepatitis, toxic
hepato-biliary neoplasm
hepato-lenticular degeneration
hepatobiliary carcinoma in situ
hepatobiliary disease
hepatobiliary infection
hepatobiliary neoplasm
hepatobiliary scan
hepatobiliary scan abnormal
hepatoblastoma recurrent
hepatocellular damage neonatal
hepatocellular foamy cell syndrome
hepatocellular injury
hepatocellular jaundice
hepatojugular reflux
hepatopulmonary syndrome
hepatorenal failure
hepatorenal syndrome
hepatosplenic candidiasis
hepatosplenic t-cell lymphoma
hepatosplenomegaly neonatal
herbal interaction
hereditary acrodermatitis enteropathica
hereditary angioedema
hereditary cerebral degeneration
hereditary diseases
hereditary disorder
hereditary fructose intolerance
hereditary fructose intolerance syndrome
hereditary haemochromatosis
hereditary haemolytic anaemia
hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia
hereditary hemochromatosis
hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
hereditary lymphedema and yellow nails
hereditary neuropathic amyloidosis
hereditary optic atrophy
hereditary sideroblastic anaemia
hereditary spastic paraplegia
hereditary spherocytosis
hernia congenital
hernia diaphragmatic repair
hernia gangrenous
hernia hiatus repair
hernia obstructive
hernia of abdominal cavity
hernia pain
hernia repair
hernia, femoral
hernia, hiatal
hernia, inguinal
hernia, obturator
hernial eventration
herpes dermatitis
herpes gestationis
herpes oesophagitis
herpes ophthalmic
herpes pharyngitis
herpes sepsis
herpes simplex
herpes simplex dna test positive
herpes simplex hepatitis
herpes simplex infections
herpes simplex ophthalmic
herpes simplex otitis externa
herpes simplex serology negative
herpes simplex serology positive
herpes simplex virus conjunctivitis neonatal
herpes simplex visceral
herpes virus infection
herpes zoster
herpes zoster disease
herpes zoster disseminated
herpes zoster infection neurological
herpes zoster multi-dermatomal
herpes zoster ophthalmic
herpes zoster oticus
heterotopic pregnancy
hiatus hernia
hiatus hernia, obstructive
high arched palate
high density lipoprotein
high density lipoprotein abnormal
high density lipoprotein decreased
high density lipoprotein increased
high density lipoproteins
high foetal head
high frequency ablation
high grade b-cell lymphoma burkitt-like lymphoma stage ii
high risk pregnancy
high risk sexual behavior
high risk sexual behaviour
high turnover osteopathy
high-risk pregnancy
hilar lymphadenopathy
hilar mass
hip arthroplasty
hip deformity
hip disarticulation
hip dysplasia
hip fracture
hip fractures
hip pain
hip surgery
hip swelling
hippocampal sclerosis
histamine abnormal
histamine intolerance
histamine level decreased
histamine level increased
histiocytic medullary reticulosis
histiocytic necrotising lymphadenitis
histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis
histiocytoma, benign fibrous
histiocytosis haematophagic
histology abnormal
histology normal
histone antibody positive
histoplasmosis cutaneous
histoplasmosis disseminated
histrionic personality disorder
hiv antibodies
hiv antibody
hiv antibody positive
hiv antigen positive
hiv associated nephropathy
hiv encephalopathy
hiv infection
hiv infection cdc category a1
hiv infection cdc category b1
hiv infection cdc category b3
hiv infection cdc category c3
hiv infection cdc group i
hiv infection cdc group ii
hiv infection cdc group iii
hiv infection cdc group iv subgroup a
hiv infection cdc group iv subgroup c2
hiv infection cdc group iv subgroup e
hiv infections
hiv peripheral neuropathy
hiv seropositivity
hiv test false positive
hiv test positive
hiv wasting syndrome
hla marker study
hla marker study positive
hodgkin's disease
hodgkin's disease lymphocyte depletion type stage iv
hodgkin's disease lymphocyte predominance stage i site unspec
hodgkin's disease lymphocyte predominance stage ii site unspec
hodgkin's disease lymphocyte predominance type stage iii
hodgkin's disease lymphocyte predominance type stage unspecified
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity recurrent
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity stage i site unspecified
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity stage i supradiaphragmatic
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity stage ii supradiaphragmatic
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity stage iii
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity stage iv
hodgkin's disease mixed cellularity stage unspecified
hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis recurrent
hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis stage i site unspecified
hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis stage ii supradiaphragmatic
hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis stage iii
hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis stage iv
hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis stage unspecified
hodgkin's disease of lymph nodes of multiple sites
hodgkin's disease recurrent
hodgkin's disease refractory
hodgkin's disease stage i
hodgkin's disease stage ii
hodgkin's disease stage iii
hodgkin's disease stage iv
hodgkins disease
hoffman's reflex
hoffmann's sign
hoigne's syndrome
hollow visceral neuropathy
holmes-adie pupil
holt-oram syndrome
homans' sign
homeostatic imbalance
homicidal ideation
hookworm infection
hookworm infections
hormone level abnormal
hormone replacement therapy
hormone therapy
horner's syndrome
horseshoe kidney
hospice care
hot flush
hot flushes
house dust allergy
htlv test positive
htlv-1 antibody positive
htlv-1 test positive
htlv-2 test positive
human anti-mouse antibody increased
human anti-mouse antibody positive
human antichimeric antibody positive
human bite
human chorionic gonadotropin
human chorionic gonadotropin abnormal
human chorionic gonadotropin decreased
human chorionic gonadotropin increased
human chorionic gonadotropin negative
human chorionic gonadotropin positive
human ehrlichiosis
human herpes virus 6 serology
human herpes virus 6 serology positive
human herpesvirus 6 infection
human herpesvirus 8 infection
human immunodeficiency virus transmission
human papilloma virus test positive
human polyomavirus infection
human seminal plasma hypersensitivity
human t-cell lymphocytic virus type ii infection
human t-cell lymphotropic virus infection
human t-cell lymphotropic virus type i infection
humeral fractures
humerus fracture
humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy (disorder)
humoral immune defect
hunger pain
hungry bone syndrome
hungry bones syndrome
huntington disease
huntington's disease
hurloid facies
hutchinson's summer prurigo
hyalosis asteroid
hyaluronic acid abnormal
hyaluronic acid increased
hydatidiform mole, invasive
hydrocele female
hydrocele male infected
hydrocele operation
hydrocephalus, normal pressure
hydrops foetalis
hydroxycorticosteroids increased
hydroxycorticosteroids urine decreased
hydroxyproline increased
hygroma colli
hygroma, subdural
hyper ige syndrome
hyper igm syndrome
hyperactive behavior
hyperalbuminemia result
hyperammonaemic encephalopathy
hyperbaric oxygen therapy
hyperbaric oxygenation therapy
hyperbilirubinaemia neonatal
hypercalcaemia of malignancy
hypercalcaemic nephropathy
hypercalcemic nephropathy
hypercapnic encephalopathy
hypercapnic respiratory failure
hyperchromic anaemia
hyperdynamic left ventricle
hyperemesis gravidarum
hypereosinophilic syndrome
hyperesthesia, thermal
hypergammaglobulinaemia benign monoclonal
hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome
hyperhidrosis disorder
hyperimmunoglobulin m syndrome
hyperkeratosis follicularis et parafollicularis
hyperkeratosis palmaris and plantaris
hyperkinetic heart syndrome
hyperlipidemia, familial combined
hyperlipoproteinemia type iv
hypermobility syndrome
hypermobility, joint
hyperosmolar state
hyperparathyroidism primary
hyperparathyroidism secondary
hyperparathyroidism tertiary
hyperparathyroidism, primary
hyperparathyroidism, secondary
hyperplasia of renal artery
hyperplastic cholecystopathy
hypersensitivity vasculitis
hypersexuality state
hypersomnia with sleep apnea, unspecified
hypersomnia-bulimia syndrome
hypertelorism of orbit
hypertension induced by pregnancy
hypertension neonatal
hypertension, portal
hypertension, renovascular
hypertensive angiopathy
hypertensive cardiomegaly
hypertensive cardiomyopathy
hypertensive crisis
hypertensive disease
hypertensive emergency
hypertensive encephalopathy
hypertensive heart disease
hypertensive heart disease nos
hypertensive hydrocephalus
hypertensive nephropathy
hypertensive spasm of cardiac sphincter
hyperthermia malignant
hypertonia neonatal
hypertonic bladder
hypertonic uterine dysfunction
hypertrichosis universalis
hypertrophic anal papilla
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
hypertrophic osteoarthropathy
hypertrophic periostitis
hypertrophic scar
hypertrophy of adenoids
hypertrophy of bladder
hypertrophy of breast
hypertrophy of clitoris
hypertrophy of nail
hypertrophy of nasal turbinates
hypertrophy of parotid gland
hypertrophy of submaxillary gland
hypertrophy of thymus
hypertrophy of tongue papillae
hypertrophy of tonsils
hyperviscosity syndrome
hypervitaminosis a
hypervitaminosis d
hypnagogic hallucination
hypnopompic hallucination
hypo hdl cholesterolaemia
hypoactive sexual desire disorder
hypoaesthesia eye
hypoaesthesia oral
hypoaesthesia teeth
hypochondrial pain
hypochondroplasia (disorder)
hypochromic anaemia
hypochromic anemia
hypocoagulable state
hypoglobulinemia result
hypoglossal nerve diseases
hypoglossal nerve disorder
hypoglossal nerve paresis
hypoglycaemia neonatal
hypoglycaemia unawareness
hypoglycaemic coma
hypoglycaemic encephalopathy
hypoglycaemic seizure
hypoglycaemic unconsciousness
hypoglycemic coma
hypoglycemic encephalopathy